For a couple of months I have wanted to write a blog that addresses something that bewilders me every time I see it. It seems the mothers and even grandmothers that promote the doctrine of Hell often are the ones that rend my heart the deepest. Mothers should above all understand the nurturing nature and tenderness of a parent toward a child and they should know by the Spirit, within them, that our Father would never torment the great majority of His children forever and ever. It is their stance for a terroristic angry God that most often causes me to weep and believe me, weep I do.

This indeed is a dark and absurd phenomenon where mothers espouse and teach their children the foulest doctrine imaginable where most of God's children are terrorized and tormented in a pagan mythological place called Hell. I have written and shared insurmountable evidence on dozens upon dozens of my blogs refuting the demonic doctrines of "damnation and Hell" yet there are so many women and mothers who refuse to look at or acknowledge the Truth concerning this subject. It truly is baffling when you think of mothers and woman who are ingrained with a nurturers instinct and nature to refuse the "Real Good News," that God loves and is merciful to all his offspring. This I read some weeks ago touched on and graphically exampled this most bewildering phenomenon. Please allow me to quote it now.

"Did you know that upper class Chinese women had to suffer foot binding for around 1000 years! That was an awful thing to do to a child and woman. Common sense and science should have stopped this practice, years before it was outlawed around the turn of the 20th century. Surely mothers must have thought as they broke the toes of their daughters and bound them under the feet, as pus and blood oozed out of the bandages. This tradition of crippling my child makes no damn sense at all.

And yet generations of Christian parents have tucked their children to bed and reminded them that "they are to love god with all their hearts or he will roast them in hell forever." Surely most must have thought at some time or another This tradition of crippling my child makes no damn sense at all" (end quote)

On a personal note this is a short testimony of my experience of coming up against the unfathomable hardness and blindness the enemy has cast into hearts of some mothers. Decades ago, I shared the great hope of "all mankind saved" with my mother in law, a fundamentalist Christian. I shared because I thought it would give her comfort since she had lost her only son, ten years earlier while he, a non believer, was drunk and driving.
I will never forget how she rejected the idea, willing rather to see her deceased son in Hell forever.

That was my first experience of seeing this strong darkness and I was baffled and crushed. I would like to say the rejection of this message has gotten easier as I see other mothers reject the Real Good News but instead it hurts even more today. The positive news is that as we enter the last days of the age, the Holy Spirit has opened up anew and in greater measure the truth of "Universal Salvation" contrasting the doctrine of "Hell." I have seen many in the last few years come to find freedom from fear of a terroristic god and be embraced by Our Benevolent True Father. This gives me new hope and thus I have been tirelessly sharing the True Gospel. I am sure I spend seventy or eighty hours doing this most weeks because I have His Heart and Love for His children, your children and my children.

In closing I want to share some thoughts, quotes and a writing by Florence Nightingale, a woman with a nurturer's heart. Florence is one that truly knew the nature of God as "El Shaddai" which translates into "God, the breasted nurturer." She is also known as a pioneer of modern nursing and a noted author. Before leaving you with her profound and heart felt writing allow me to share a little more of her biographical background,

In 1854 Florence Nightingale took 38 "handmaidens of the Lord." (as she called them) to nurse wounded British soldiers in the Crimean War. This was the first time the government had allowed women to do this. Almost all modern nursing systems and techniques we know today can be traced back to her. During the Crimean campaign Florence Nightingale gained the nickname "The Lady with the Lamp", deriving from a phrase in a report in The Times:

She is a ‘ministering angel’ without any exaggeration in these hospitals, and as her slender form glides quietly along each corridor, every poor fellow's face softens with gratitude at the sight of her. When all the medical officers have retired for the night and silence and darkness have settled down upon those miles of prostrate sick, she may be observed alone, with a little lamp in her hand, making her solitary rounds.

The phrase was further popularised by Henry Longfellow's 1857 poem "Santa Filomena":

Lo! in that hour of misery
A lady with a lamp I see
Pass through the glimmering gloom,
And flit from room to room.

As a teenager, Florence was converted to Jesus Christ, writing in her diary: "God spoke to me and called me to His service." Following are some other diary entries that exhibit her deep love of God.

March 7. God called me in the morning and asked me would I do good for Him, for Him alone without the reputation.

March 9. During half an hour I had by myself in my cabin, settled the question with God.

April 1. Not able to go out but wished God to have it all His own way. I like Him to do exactly as He likes without even telling me the reason.

May 12. Today I am thirty--the age Christ began his mission. Now no more childish things. No more love. No more marriage. Now Lord let me think only of Thy Will, what Thou willest me to do. Oh Lord Thy Will, Thy Will.

Florence kept a picture of Christ, crowned with thorns, in her bedroom. The call to relieve suffering was such, said Florence, that we "dishonour Christ when we do not do our best to relieve suffering, even in the meanest creature. Kindness to sick man, woman and child came in with Christ."

God has through out the last two millenia has always had a remnant that have seen God's enduring mercy and love for all His children without exception. They have faithfully carried the True Gospel to our present age and often with great cost, even to martyrdom. I pray you will carry this wonderful message to your children and should the Lord tarry, they also to their children.

Florence Nightingale Quote

"I can't love because I am ordered-least of all can I love One who seems only to make me miserable here to torture me hereafter. Show me that He is good, that He is loveable, and I shall love Him without being told. But does any preacher show this? He may say that God is good, but he shows Him to be very bad; he may say that God is 'Love', but he shows him to be hate, worse than any hate of man. As the Persian poet says; 'If God punishes me for doing evil by doing me evil, how is he better than I?' And it is hard to answer, for certainly the worst man would hardly torture his enemy, if he could, for ever. And unless God has a scheme that every man is to saved for ever, it is hard to say in what He is not worse than man; for all good men would save others if they could. It is of no use saying that God is just, unless we define what justice is. In all Christian times people have said that 'God is just' and have credited him with an injustice such as transcends all human injustice that it is possible to conceive."

God bless and if you were moved by this message I hope you might leave a comment and please pray for me as I continue to share the "Real Good News" with others.


(some material copied from Wikipedia, Tentmaker,
my freind David and a couple unlisted sources)



I had just emerged from a horrifying two year "dark night of the soul" experience where I was reduced to just a physical and psychological shell of a man. This was four years ago and I "didn't care whether I died or lived" and that is the constant that has remained, as neither death nor life holds any sway with me even today. I am His and I know all is for good and without fear when He is Lord of all.

This sets the stage and describes the period of my life surrounding the moment when my physician would announce to me that I probably had prostate cancer and needed another test to confirm it. My plate was already so full of trials and tribulation I laughed and with a wink I replied to the Doc's diagnosis, that we wouldn't worry nor talk about cancer any further. I knew that I was receiving a Theosis treatment from the "Great Physician" and my "lesser physician" and I indeed never did talk about that cancer ever again. After my doctors appointment I went home to find rest in God's will for my life, or better said "my death." For a couple years the pain of both the cancer and Theosis did a number on me. Praise God, today it is Theosis that remains while the cancer has been eradicated and is long gone.

With my awkward introduction you might ask, "what is Theosis?", and with the rest of this message I will attempt to define it for you.

"Theosis" is a Greek word that describes our Divine union with God and in other words is our Deification or Divinization. Theosis is also synonymous with our consecration and sanctification. It is a gift and calling of our God and it was once considered the goal of a Christian life but today most just want to make it to heaven. Sadly they do not know going to heaven is a progressive state where one enters into the Kingdom of Heaven with their born again experience and then proceeds to dwell in this Supernal realm more fully with each day of their walk if they are on the right path.

Now, carrying on with the task at hand of explaining Theosis let me share with you once again a poem I have published a couple times in the past week which succinctly illustrates this great spiritual phenomenon. This is the poetic rendition of a prayer by Jesus recorded in the John 17:21. First the prayer and then the poem:

That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

How strange it should be,
That we who seemed four,
Are now become Three.
And We Who are Three
Are yet become One,
Father, Spirit and Sons in the Son.

So with the prayer of Jesus and the poem illustrating our union with God please allow me to extend to you some random excerpts taken from a couple of writings intermixed with my clarifying thoughts. If you are not already familiar with the subject of Theosis please pray and read this slowly, taking time to contemplate this most glorious truth ...... and I pray you be blessed.

Theosis better defined

Theosis was one of the most important of early Christian doctrines, but it has become such a well-kept secret, that is nearly unknown to most contemporary laymen. It means participating in, and partaking of, God's Divinity. It is likely to sound so alien to our ears that we might quickly dismiss it as some heresy, rather than realize this is the heart of the Christian calling.

From the second-century St. Irenaeus, to the twentieth-century C. S. Lewis, some theologians have used the most shocking language to bring home how shocking this gift of God is: "becoming gods," or even "becoming God."

Like all creation, we ultimately come from God. But it is quite another to believe in the biblical usage of the words children and sons, because their implications of likeness, growing up, and inheritance are much stronger than that. "the power to become children of God," (John 1:12)

Theosis is transforming union with God that makes us also Christ, at once human and divine, as Jesus was. This is the completion and perfection of salvation, to become Sons and Daughters of God with, within, and like him, the Son of God.

Paul teaches that as Adam was the first man, so Christ is the "last Adam," superseding all that has come before. All who are born in him will be children of God, so even more surely than we are children of Adam, we are the children of Christ. Elsewhere, he describes us as being given the "spirit of sons," and declares that "the Spirit and our spirit bear united witness that we are children of God. And if we are children, we are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christs, sharing his sufferings so as to share his glory." (Rom. 8:15-17) Sharing his glory. I don't know how many times I might have read that or heard that without letting it hit me. We will share his glory!

Theosis and the Bride of Christ

Another image is the "divine marriage." Jesus is the Lover of the Church and the Christian soul. He is the Bridegroom and we are the Bride. He will marry us, and we will become one with him.

Christ's unfailing and total passion for us is that which changes us. Theosis is considered the fruition of grace and love, passionate, ardent, joyous and life-giving. Paul describes this transformation of love as leading to a union so profound there are no barriers: "the two will become one body...This mystery applies to Christ and the Church" (Eph. 5:31-32. Christ lives in our bodies, and together, we are his body.

In other words, the Incarnation was not a just a one-time event, but is the pattern of how Christ chooses to work on Earth. As God the Son was incarnate in Jesus, the risen Christ indwells us, enfleshed in all his people. He literally lives within these cells of skin and blood. And if Christ, who is both human and divine, lives within us, we become both human and divine as well. A book title I saw recently said it well "One Jesus, Many Christs." Or, in Jesus' own words "I am the vine, you are the branches." How close is a living branch of a vine to that vine? It is part of the very same organism!

Theosis and the Second Coming

Theosis has eschatological implications which are seldom addressed. Christ is returning. and his parousia (literally presence, but usually mistranslated as "coming") will be bodily. But his body has changed. We are his body. Theosis also has much to do with a divine manifestation of Christ throughout his whole body, a body of millions and millions of members, a body which covers the earth, which he longs and prays for to become more and more perfect, more holy, manifesting Him more clearly, for the purpose of ultimately bringing in everyone.

J. Preston Eby, examines this idea in depth. "Looking for His Appearing" is a series of 48 booklets now available on the Web containing well over 250 pages of intense Biblical examination of the ideas of parousia and theosis, written from a conservative Protestant perspective. As of yet I have found absolutely no better resource for the Biblical evidence of theosis.

Eby contends that many of the "end-time" prophecies concerning the return of Christ, are fulfilled by the ultimate revelation and perfecting of Christ's presence in us. Eby's insights are sometimes astounding:he points out that the word astrapê translated as "lightning" in Matt. 24:27 (one of the main "proof texts" that supposedly show the parousia of Christ is a sudden event), is the same word translated as "shining" in Luke 11:33) With this in mind, context indicates that the image is not of lightning, but of sunrise. A better translation would be:

If, then, they say to you, "Look, he is in the desert," do not go there; "Look, he is in some hiding place," do not believe it; because the presence (parousia) of the Son of Man will be like shining (astrapê) in the east and illuminating (phainetai) far into the west. (Matt. 24:26-27)

When the mistranslations are corrected, the emphasis shifts from suddenness to the gradual dawning of the Presence of the Lord. Thinking that he could be secretly "here" or "there," is contrasted with His Presence revealed unmistakably everywhere. Eby has hundreds of other thought-provoking examples as well.

I have come to believe that God has also entrusted us with far more of the responsibility of saving the world than we might commonly suppose. He is the vine, we are the branches. He is the Light of the world, and we are the bulbs through whom it shines through. Christ is creating little Christs, flooding the world with mini-Christs, and our responsibility is to transform ourselves and our world through the love of Christ, and the light of Christ, the Good News of Christ, into ever more and more Christedness. Theosis is one more reason why I believe the "emergency airlift" idea of "the Rapture" is completely mistaken.

Theosis and the Goal of Creation

However, theosis doesn't end here. St. John wrote that there is more to come. "My dear people, we are already the children of God, but what we are to be in the future has not yet been revealed; all we know is, that when it is revealed we shall be like him because we shall see him as he really is." (I John 3:2) So what it means is something we don't know. Something that hasn't been revealed. Something presently beyond us, in spite of the fact that we are already children of God, already his bride, already his body, and already his light. The one thing we do know, whatever it means, it means becoming like God.

St. Paul seems to have had a similar revelation, and he declares this final event is nothing less than the climax of all creation itself. "The whole creation is eagerly waiting for God to reveal his sons... From the beginning until now, the entire creation has been groaning in one great act of giving birth." (Rom.8:19,22)

Where does it end? Where does it lead? What does "becoming God" actually mean in its consummation? Paul wrote that all the enemies of God will become subject to God, and then Christ will subject himself to the Father, and when everything is subject to God, God will become "all in all." (I Cor. 15:28). All in all. Perfect union.

There are people yielding themselves to God so humbly that you would not think that there is anything unusual about them at all. Yet they have yielded their selves to the point where God is filling them almost completely, and they are almost always aware of being "one with God."

This transformation comes by choosing to be so empty that God can fill us totally. The ego gets lost, just as a wax form is lost when a jeweler pours molten gold to make a ring. It is a process which demands self-emptying, which most of us resist, and resistance makes the emptying too painful. In many of the references to theosis in the Bible, suffering and death are also mentioned. Christ died to demonstrate the complete selflessness of perfect love, and our union with him also involves the death of the ego and eventually the death of the body. Uniting ourselves to Christ changes us through love and humility. A willingness to "share his sufferings so as to share his glory" (Rom. 8:17) leads to a truly great glory, living in divine Presence. This is a gift beyond any and all possible merit, a gift of the most unspeakable grace. Whenever I think about the divinization that God is calling us to, calling me to, I am filled with deep awe, amazement, and immense gratitude. I don't think anyone who can speak blithely about this understands it. I myself do not. All I know is that our God is good.

St. Athanasius of Alexandria wrote, God became human so humans would become gods. His statement is an apt description of the concept. What would otherwise seem absurd, that fallen, sinful man may become holy as God is holy, has been made possible through Jesus Christ, who is God incarnate.

As God became man, in all ways except sin, He will also make man God,

St. Irenaeus explained this concept, "the Word of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, who did, through His transcendent love, become what we are, that He might bring us to be even what He is Himself."

St. Maximus the Confessor wrote, "A sure warrant for looking forward with hope to deification of human nature is provided by the incarnation of God, which makes man god to the same degree as God Himself became man." ..... For it is clear that He who became man without sin (Heb. 4:15) will divine human nature ...... and will raise it up for His own sake to the same degree as He lowered Himself for man's sake. This is what St. Paul teaches mystically when he says, '...that in the ages to come He might display the overflowing richness of His grace' (Eph. 2:7)."

Theosis goes beyond simply restoring people to their state before the Fall of Adam and Eve, teaching that because Christ united the human and divine natures in his person, it is now possible for someone to experience closer fellowship with God than Adam and Eve initially experienced in the Garden of Eden, and that people can become more like God than Adam and Eve were at that time.

So, the holy God and sinful humanity are reconciled in principle, in the one sinless man, Jesus Christ.

Christians' lives are more than mere imitation and are rather a union with the life of God Himself: so that, the one who is working out salvation, is united with God working within the penitent both to will and to do that which pleases God.

The 'doer' in deification is the Holy Spirit and prayer is requisite.

When I was but two weeks old in the Lord I read Romans 8 and it made the Spirit within me stand up because it had been written in my spiritual heart before I was even born. I knew then that Jesus was the first Son and the pattern of, and for a great company of sons to come later. (quote from yesterday's blog)

Thirty something years ago I recognized Theosis. Today I know I am experiencing Theosis and I pray you also are enjoying this tremendous calling and gift today. It is quite painful and yet glorious as self dies and Christ arises from His Kingdom within. This is our death and resurrection.


(some material taken from Wikipedia and
another writing with no author listed)

This is a link to the Eby series mentioned earlier in
this message. I read it years ago and it changed my life.
Should you read it your self you will definitely come
away with a different concept of Christ's coming. It is
entitled, "Looking For His Appearing"




Every Eye Will See Him

I see an army - I hear a song
rise in the nations, beautiful and strong.
A song of mercy that shatters pride,
a song of great love that purifies.

I see warriors with hands upraised,
holding no weapon, but their swords of praise.
Strongholds shatter. Kings bow down
before the Master and yield their crowns.

And every eye will see Him as Love wins through at last.
And every heart be drawn unto the Lamb.
Every voice will cry out what every heart will know
and before the throne we stand.

I see the earth now, its groanings cease.
Creation lifts praise to the Prince of Peace.
Wars have ended and weapons fall.
An invitation to one and all.

I see the Church now as a passionate Bride.
I see her Lover with His fiery eyes.
All His longing and her desire
join as one flame in heaven's fire.

And every eye will see Him as Love wins through at last.
And every heart be drawn unto the Lamb.
Every voice will cry out what every heart will know
and before the throne we stand.

I see a kingdom that never ends.
I see a Judge now who calls sinners 'Friends'.
Who gathers rebels and overwhelms
Them with His mercy so He can dwell
in hearts He's captured and rules in love.
He wraps around them a robe dipped in blood.
His tears are washing their fears away
and then He lifts them to see His face.

And every eye will see Him as Love wins through at last.
And every heart be drawn unto the Lamb.
Every voice will cry out what every heart will know
and before the throne we stand.

All will gaze in wonder at the reach of heaven's plan.
How could mercy touch the lowest man?
Drawn from every nation, every voice,and every tongue, amazed at what the Lord of Love has done.
amazed at what the Lord of Love has done.

I see a King now and I believe.
I hear His voice now and He's calling me.



Joian and I give thanks today that we have been able to share with you, our friends and family, our great and wondrous hope, of all creation being filled with His love at the finality of the ages. We pray Christ bless you and yours with an overflow of His Love this Thanksgiving season.

Jack and Joian


The beautiful illustration was provided by our friend Juli Walterman and the lyrics to the song by her husband Randy. The music and vocals by Randy to "Every Eye Will See Him" can be enjoyed at this site.


Will you pray with me ..... will you weep with me for our children


This is a writing I posted yesterday in a venue where most all the participants still espouse the doctrine of "Hell, a place of eternal torment for most of God's children." I truly felt the Lord's hand write this one, while also sensing great urgency because of the shortness of time before the end of the age. I know there are readers of this blog that are still bound and being used by the apostate and counterfeit church today and I pray you understand the perilous position you are in. With even greater fervor I pray for your children that they not follow in yours and my footsteps, as I spent ten years in the past serving the whore.

The apostate church that has usurped the authority, and preeminence of Christ continues to fall as the scandal of Earl Paulk Ministries makes news around the world today. The following message speaks to what I have been writing and warning about since I came here at the direction of God. Believe me, I had no inclination nor desire to come and start a blog. I only came to leave a comment on a friend's blog and found that in my registering to do so, I now had a blog of my own. The Holy Spirit then said write ....... and I have since, and with His unction.

Please note that I and others that share "God's enduring grace extended to all creation" do not wear titles nor were we educated by the seminaries and bible colleges of this day's apostate system . We learn truth by the Holy Spirit and we also learn to discern falsity by the same. Amazing what happens when one surrenders all to God and His Spirit becomes the teacher and not men in white collars. "When will we learn?" I ask, as Babylon and her Nicolaitan and Charlatan hierarchical system is exposed once again before the world. For the umpteenth time this year another scandal is exposed to the world, as Earl Paulk's ministry is found to be filled up to it's neck with decades of sexual perversions. The plagues of the apostate church with her doctrines of devils and hell as it's foundation and fear and dead works her cornerstone are being exposed and God is beckoning His children, "come out of her!"

Revelation 18

1And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.

2And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

3For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

4And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

5For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

6Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

7How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

8Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

Can you hear the strong voice of the angel warning us today. Let us come out of the great whore with her demonic teachings. Lets go forth with out the camp, and with Christ presence, let us love our neighbors instead of condemning them to eternal torment in Hell.

I have written much over these last few months exposing the woman that desires to eat her own bread and wear her own clothes while wanting only to have the Lord's name that she not suffer reproach. In the verse below the seven women represent the counterfeit of the seven churches of Revelation and the apparel spoken of, is not the pure spotless garment of Christ's righteousness that clothes the true church.

And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach. Isaiah 4:1

The true church is made up of virgins, overcomers, sons and king priests after the order of Melchisedec. It is these that are of the undefiled and hidden remnant out of the whole. These are they that have sold all they have that they might gain the pearl without price, that be Jesus. This is the little flock to whom the Father says is His pleasure to give the kingdom. And right now at the end of the age He is doing so.

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Lk 12:32

Now, to those that seem to infer that I and others, that share "Christ's enduring Love for all mankind," might be the impostors or heretics had better awaken and smell the coffee. I have continually warned that Babylon is falling down along with all the towers men have built to access Heaven by their own dead works and doctrines of devils. And I will tell you I often weep for my children and even the children of my accusers as this world with it's apostate church ever spirals into greater evil, chaos and destruction. I wept tonight with a friend as we read and reflected upon the happenings in these linked articles below. She knew most of these people (in the articles) and ministered with them before God called her out and set her free from such corruption. And when my dear friend came out she took off her pastor's collar and title and became a simple loving child of God and a humble servant of His Kingdom.

It seems it is now time for the prideful naysayers pointing fingers to go to prayer and seek God with all their heart that they might awaken to the Truth of His Love for All His Children. It is time to awaken to the lie that comes in the form of whorish religion as it masquerades as His bride. The system has become corrupt to the very core and it is time to come out of the Harlot and from under her hirelings that fill her pulpits each Sunday.

It is time for you with spiritual ears that hear and eyes that see, to begin to minister to your own families, your loved ones and your neighbors. It is time to minister not with religion but with Truth in Love, that Christ came to save the whole world and not just a few! I pray you weep as you reed these articles below because this is what the world is reading and while so many prop up and dress up the Harlot they call church the world scoffs. Even the unregenerate world knows she is falling and they want no part of her.

Just in this last short while, we have had exposed Reverend Haggard, the Oral Roberts family, the Senate investigation of the televangelists, John Hagee, and now Earl Paulk Ministries, with possibly more as these articles seems to point out. There is now her great hidden shame being illuminated by God and it is time for some of you to come out, come clean, and confess that you too have been in bed with the wrong woman! I did it years ago and Christ cleansed me and healed me and today He has sent me to you to warn you of the destruction to come to the Harlot and her fatherless children.

And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Rev 18:2

The woman is fallen and continues to fall and she takes all with her as she goes. Let us flee as we weep!

In closing please allow me to share a couple short messages I and my friend John traded earlier tonight. John is another that at one time wore both the pastor's and apostle's collar of the counterfeit church before he saw the light and came out. We were discussing the subject of all these mighty ministers of Babylon falling recently.

John wrote, "I was thinking today that Abraham met Melchizadek returning from the slaughter of the kings. It seems that we now are living in the time when the Babylonian kings are being slaughtered one after another. Perhaps it is another sign that the Milchizadek priests are about to be revealed."

I replied, "John, great insight and I thinks so!

I had a dream today after as emptying prayer as I have suffered in a long time. The dream was that Christ had revealed His bride. Let us keep our lamps lit with much oil in these perilous dark times lest we be caught away empty in the ensuing confusion, chaos and corruption .........and God help our children."

Will you pray with me ..... will you weep with me for our children,



A TRIBUTE TO FRANK ..... an epic kind of guy and an epic friend


Wow, He's gone. When I heard the word of Frank's passing it took my breath away and I had to sit down but it didn't hurt, as I have a greater hope and I know we shall soon be united once again.

I have not ever known another like Frank and if I could describe my friend with one word it would be "EPIC!" with caps and an exclamation mark. If you spent much time with this dreamer, you would inevitably find yourself caught up in one of his exploits to make a dream become reality ...... and that was a really good thing or possibly a really bad thing but more than likely a mixture of

both. Oh, how I enjoyed the best of times with my friend and I wanted to hug his neck when it was over. Then again I have also suffered through some of the worst of times and I wanted to wring that very same neck (lol).

The one thing that just drove me nuts about dear ol' Frank was his tendency to embellish what ever he said or did. The perplexity came because you knew he was capable of carrying out any story told and every endeavor embarked upon, but after a while you knew there was always the BS factor to be considered ......... or was it really BS? Could it be that Frank saw things a little differently than the rest of us? I truly believe so, and that was why there seemed no bounds too great or too distant to keep this man from trying what others would run from and oft with terror in their eyes and faint in their hearts.

Oh my, the multitude of stories I could tell of my times with Frank but I will suffice with but one today, taken from the accounts of three decades ago.

Frank and I weren't doing much together when this memorable event took place as my wife, Cathy and I were in our religious mode and Frank had left this same mode for more of the rigors and excitement of the world. Who had the better part at this time? Well today, I look back and know our paths were each Divinely appointed, but that is another story all together. Any way I had run into Frank and he told me someone had just given him a plane and he asked me if I would like to take a ride in it. We made arrangements for a flight the next morning and when I met Frank at the airport he explained that we needed to do a few minor repairs on the plane before we took it up. This was not sounding good already but after a few protesting words I agreed and then Frank handed me two rolls of Duct Tape. Whoa! is not Duct Tape the very worst thing you would want your pilot to hand you pre-flight, much less two rolls of it. Oh Frank!

Well we walked out to the where the gifted plane was tied down and I was really scratching my head upon my first view of this antique monstrosity. This beast of a plane was the very exact color as the rolls of grey Duct Tape I held in my hands, giving possible cause for further consternation.

So Frank showed me the torn fabric on the wings he wanted me to tape up and he set about pumping up one of the flat tires on the plane. After we finished these repairs, my grinning pilot told me that he discovered a puddle under the plane so he deduced that the fuel cylinder must have a leak. "No problem" Frank announced and then He asked if I had some money for some more gas before we went up. If that wasn't the final nail in the coffin for my refusal to go any further with this misguided adventure, he then told me there was a short in the starter. When he proceeded to demonstrate how he wanted me to hand prop the propeller I nearly fainted and said, "see ya, Frank!"

I bid him fare well and asked him, should he get the plane up, please fly by the house and tip a wing. I told him , "Cathy and I were having our pastor and his wife over for a barbecue in a few hours and would be lunching out side."

At the time Cathy and I lived out in the country and that afternoon we were having a wonderful time cooking and sharing fellowship in the shade of the three large pecan trees that sheltered the yard. I had just put the steaks on when I heard the sound of a distant plane approaching. "Cool" I thought. Maybe Frank had gotten the plane up and that was him coming to tip a wing in salute to the us. YEAH RIGHT!!!

The next hour was filled with all out pandemonium and complete horror. You see Frank as usual had to lend a little embellishment to his fly by. Oh no, of course the polite tipping of a wing would never suffice as a salute. As we all stood gazing up at this grey plane coming ever larger into view we could never have imagined the depth of this greeting we would be receiving from Frank. This gleeful pilot kept coming at us full bore until we decided to run for our lives into the house. The noise was deafening, the house shook and I could hear the pecans falling onto the roof as Frank brushed the top most branches of the trees with his landing gear.

Finally the pastor, his wife, Cathy and myself gathered ourselves thinking we had weathered the storm with nothing but a few years cut off our lives because of the fear we had just experienced. A bit dazed, we finally wandered back outside to the picnic table and grill to continue our visit and finish preparing our meal. As soon as we had just begun to relax again we were startled anew by the roaring engine of Frank's plane fast approaching. Seconds later we were again climbing all over each other as we sought escape from this terrifying grey flying beast with it's laughing pilot at the stick. This went on and on for almost an hour as Frank came again and again from a different direction each time with his worn out obnoxious greetings. The steaks finally burned and the prepared food dishes on the table were filled with branches and pecans when we finally decided it would be better to just give up and go into town and find a quiet restaurant in which to have a meal.

That is my Frank story and I know all of you that spent time with him over the years have an equally epic story to tell of this most EPIC guy. Did I embellish this old tale and might you also with the telling of your Frank stories today as you gather together in remembrance? I certainly hope so, because with the added embellishments you will tell it as he would have seen it and told it himself.

Frank, when I soon see you again, I know we'll have some more great stories to swap. And they will all be perfectly embellished because they will be about Him. Dear friend, our God is so wondrous and magnificent that only He could create one like you to express Himself in such epic ways never known before or here after.


Dr. P. Frank McKane was born to Paul and Annagene McKane on December 14, 1942 in Oklahoma City. He passed from this life on November 1, 2007 in Los Angeles, following a long battle with complications from cancer. He attended Harding High School in Oklahoma City. He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from East Central University and his PhD in Instructional Psychology & Technology from the University of Oklahoma. Frank was an Army veteran who was proud to have served as a Green Beret in the Special Forces. He had a long and varied career. He especially loved his work as a commercial pilot and his university work. He retired from Northeastern State University as Director of the Center for Study of Literacy. He is survived by his wife Margie; his son, Mark McKane and wife Lori; daughters, Brandy Dew and Becky Jones; sister, Dedee Hoops and husband John; grandchildren, Kayla and Christopher McKane, and Michelle and Taylor Dew; and a host of other relatives and friends. He is preceded in death by his parents; brother, Dr. Larry McKane; and sister, Ray Lynn Smith. Memorial services will be held at Reed-Culver Funeral Home in Tahlequah at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 14, 2007. Private burial services will be held at a later date at Resurrection Memorial Cemetery, 7801 NW Expressway, OKC. The family requests donations to the American Cancer Society, 6525 N. Meridian, OKC, OK 73116, or to Fisher House Helping Military Families, Arrangements directed by Reed Culver Funeral Home, (918) 456-2551. Published in The Oklahoman on 11/13/2007.


THEY BEAT THEIR CHESTS AND WEPT ........ "God's remnant"


Coming to understand that God always through out the Bible, and even today, has a remnant that He deals with differently and gives greater call and attention to is one of the great freeing truths of His Kingdom. How often I have heard the immature equate the "popular and orthodox belief" as being true and that which is unfamiliar and maybe new to them, being heresy. Without prayer and seeking Him, judgement is often flippantly made concerning doctrine and truth and one usually settles for the comfort of their familiar Deity and religious practices. Such is the common pattern of one that looks upon religious things by the soul/carnal mind rather than by the Spirit.

Often over the last few years, I have often quoted this old line of mine to succinctly express the Truth and principle of "God's remnant."

"Jesus fed the 5,000 and He sent 70 disciples out to preach and He chose the 12 to whom He explained the parables, and of the 12 He was closer to the three He was transfigured before, and yet even of the 3 there was one that laid upon His breast at supper."

This short message below was shared by a dear friend of mine that God used mightily to open up new and deeper views of my Christ along with greater vistas of His Kingdom. After you read this beautiful message I pray you might even take a moment to meditate upon the "remnant" in this account and ask your self whether you are are following the crowd or Christ.

Be blessed,

For me, to understand the Old Testament picture of God is that He played numerous roles and dealt mostly with the carnal, fallen man though there were always those that were of that group that he spoke of that He reserved that had never bowed the knee to Baal. He has always had this wonderful remnant, I think, even before the actual advent of Christ two thousand years ago. What He allowed those predecessors to see and walk in I am unclear on. It would take me some time to write out what I feel was accomplished by all the Father did through the Old Testament times but a picture went through my heart recently as I read in some portion of Old Testament scripture of Israel's series of slaughters concerning their enemies around them as they marched through the land. I got a picture in my mind's eye of Israel gathered around campfires following a long day's triumphant battle. Small groups and families playing the tumbrel and harp, rejoicing in their might and victory as given by the Lord. Behind the dancing, celebrating folks in the shadows were piles of bodies not yet burned and buried. Piles of old people, children, women, along with the fighting men they had defeated. As most of Israel was oblivious to the truth and danced on a few of Israel walked through the piles of wasted lives, beat their chests and wept crying out to God, "Is this all we are? Is this true relationship with You?" The Father had planted in their hearts a greater vision and understanding of man's fallen state and their need to rise again.



Mary Stayed Home

When Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went out to meet him, but Mary stayed at home. Jn. 11:20 NIV

Martha rushed to meet Jesus before he got to Bethany, Mary stayed at home.

You would have thought it would be the reverse...Mary ever seeking Him, deeply aware of HIM-surely she would be the one who flew to him in trouble.....

Martha's go where they are not bidden, answer when they are not asked, initiate what God did not begin. Marys, yielded even in crisis, wait till sent for....Surrender to His orders without ordering Him.

Jesus did the same, not moving toward Bethany for days until His Father bid him, even though he knew Lazarus was dead.

Mary in knowing Him, knew His ways. She could only wait for His summons. By gazing at Him, she had become like Him.

Martha called her sister Mary aside, The Teacher is here she said, and is asking for you. When Mary heard this she got up quickly and went to him.

Martha named Him Teacher, a Greek word that meant Instructor, an ironic title for her, as she was not one taught.

For Mary He was Lord and Lover, not teacher. But because He was Lord she waited until sent for. Submission is the response of love to Being Loved.


As Jesus approached the tomb of Lazarus she to whom he promised life, to whom He revealed Himself as Life and Resurrection, made the ludicrous assumption that He did not know the dead stink!

Martha....said to Him, Lord, by this time there is a stench, for he has been dead four days. Jn 11:39

He who created life and filled the universe, who knew all the past as well as the startling future of the man...knew that Lazarus was in the stink of decay.

Martha's are ever educating God. Poor God, He needs my help, He doesn't understand. Let me tell Him what is going on.

She who believed she believed and even proclaimed, I Believe, had no faith in the actual and no clue of His intentions or His power. What she believed about this Lord of Life were simply lofty ideas about some distant future with no reality for the present.

Knowledge is always future...therefore dead for the now. That's safe, No error there, but...Faith is current and viable for it is grappling with the urgency of TODAY.

Faith that raises the dead never rises from the REASONINGS OF A RELIGIOUS MIND. Your faith grows in the realm of the heart by the catalyst of love.........


Now Martha said to Jesus, Lord if you had been here, my brother would not have died.

Mary came.............fell down at His feet, saying to Him, Lord if you had been here, my brother would not have died.

There is a vast difference between a petulant complaint that reprimands God and a stunned quest to fathom Him.

The initial words of Mary and Martha were identical, the difference lay in the hidden heart which Christ alone can discern. He never answered words, only hearts.

In His presence Martha stood and Mary fell and thus revealed the difference in their hearts.

To the calloused heart He always answered questions with questions, making a person declare their error out loud in the hope that they would hear themselves, if not Him. This He did with Martha. The relationship of Jesus and Martha existed only in ideas and words, a liaison merely of the mind.

To the vulnerable heart of unveiled passion He gave- not only answers- but miracles of action. To the soft heart, His own heart replies.

Martha engaged Him in truth but Mary captured His heart by the influence of her anguished submission in grief.....sprawled at His feet.

So Mary, by her surrender of bewilderment, ignited the compassion of His divinity.

She said only one sentence, no argument, no discussion. She simply came to Him because....He was the Solution...To everything...To anything.

His heart was torn by union with her heart and His soul wept with her in the silence of their profound intimacy. He gave no words of answer....Their communion was not in words, their closeness needed no conversation that others could overhear.

Therefore, when Jesus saw her weeping...He groaned in the spirit and was troubled.

No Answer! No Words! Do you understand? His entire Holy Being was wrenched in intimate fusion with her suffering and He moved to demolish the laws of death.

He turned from Mary with His Spirit heaving a travail of intercession and asked that the tomb be opened.

The Word of His Power called one name and death fell off the corpse.

Lazarus rose alive out of a consummate death, old and putrid. Hopeless, but for the plea of love to the Source of Life.

In response to Martha, He explained.

In response to Mary, He raised Lazarus.

I would rather move Him than understand him.

I would desire to wring my broken heart before Him than exercise my mind about Him.

I would prefer to be ignorant and in the desperation of bewildered love than informed and.....blind.

By Martha Kilpatrick-Adoration

My heart is I once again read these words.

Love you,


I'm a Heretic ......... are you?

I posted this illustration over on my other blog and WOW!!!!! Oh Golly Gee!!!!!
It took a while but eventually the wood was gathered, the pyre was built and I was thoroughly set ablaze.

But don't worry folks it was only my flesh that burnt and I weigh just a little less than I did before. lol

"Give me one hair - one single hair:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A STORY

IN the garden all the apple-trees were in blossom. They had hastened to bring forth flowers before they got green leaves, and in the yard all the ducklings walked up and down, and the cat too: it basked in the sun and licked the sunshine from its own paws. And when one looked at the fields, how beautifully the corn stood and how green it shone, without comparison! and there was a twittering and a fluttering of all the little birds, as if the day were a great festival; and so it was, for it was Sunday. All the bells were ringing, and all the people went to church, looking cheerful, and dressed in their best clothes. There was a look of cheerfulness on everything. The day was so warm and beautiful that one might well have said: "God`s kindness to us men is beyond all limits." But inside the church the pastor stood in the pulpit, and spoke very loudly and angrily. He said that all men were wicked, and God would punish them for their sins, and that the wicked, when they died, would be cast into hell, to burn for ever and ever. He spoke very excitedly, saying that their evil propensities would not be destroyed, nor would the fire be extinguished, and they should never find rest. That was terrible to hear, and he said it in such a tone of conviction; he described hell to them as a miserable hole where all the refuse of the world gathers. There was no air beside the hot burning sulphur flame, and there was no ground under their feet; they, the wicked ones, sank deeper and deeper, while eternal silence surrounded them! It was dreadful to hear all that, for the preacher spoke from his heart, and all the people in the church were terrified. Meanwhile, the birds sang merrily outside, and the sun was shining so beautifully warm, it seemed as though every little flower said: "God, Thy kindness towards us all is without limits." Indeed, outside it was not at all like the pastor`s sermon.

The same evening, upon going to bed, the pastor noticed his wife sitting there quiet and pensive.

"What is the matter with you?" he asked her.

"Well, the matter with me is," she said, "that I cannot collect my thoughts, and am unable to grasp the meaning of what you said to-day in church- that there are so many wicked people, and that they should burn eternally. Alas! eternally- how long! I am only a woman and a sinner before God, but I should not have the heart to let even the worst sinner burn for ever, and how could our Lord to do so, who is so infinitely good, and who knows how the wickedness comes from without and within? No, I am unable to imagine that, although you say so."

It was autumn; the trees dropped their leaves, the earnest and severe pastor sat at the bedside of a dying person. A pious, faithful soul closed her eyes for ever; she was the pastor`s wife.

..."If any one shall find rest in the grave and mercy before our Lord you shall certainly do so," said the pastor. He folded her hands and read a psalm over the dead woman.

She was buried; two large tears rolled over the cheeks of the earnest man, and in the parsonage it was empty and still, for its sun had set for ever. She had gone home.

It was night. A cold wind swept over the pastor`s head; he opened his eyes, and it seemed to him as if the moon was shining into his room. It was not so, however; there was a being standing before his bed, and looking like the ghost of his deceased wife. She fixed her eyes upon him with such a kind and sad expression, just as if she wished to say something to him. The pastor raised himself in bed and stretched his arms towards her, saying, "Not even you can find eternal rest! You suffer, you best and most pious woman?"

The dead woman nodded her head as if to say "Yes," and put her hand on her breast.

"And can I not obtain rest in the grave for you?"

"Yes," was the answer.

"And how?"

"Give me one hair- only one single hair- from the head of the sinner for whom the fire shall never be extinguished, of the sinner whom God will condemn to eternal punishment in hell."

"Yes, one ought to be able to redeem you so easily, you pure, pious woman," he said.

"Follow me," said the dead woman. "It is thus granted to us. By my side you will be able to fly wherever your thoughts wish to go. Invisible to men, we shall penetrate into their most secret chambers; but with sure hand you must find out him who is destined to eternal torture, and before the cock crows he must be found!" As quickly as if carried by the winged thoughts they were in the great city, and from the walls the names of the deadly sins shone in flaming letters: pride, avarice, drunkenness, wantonness- in short, the whole seven-coloured bow of sin.

"Yes, therein, as I believed, as I knew it," said the pastor, "are living those who are abandoned to the eternal fire." And they were standing before the magnificently illuminated gate; the broad steps were adorned with carpets and flowers, and dance music was sounding through the festive halls. A footman dressed in silk and velvet stood with a large silver-mounted rod near the entrance.

"Our ball can compare favourably with the king`s," he said, and turned with contempt towards the gazing crowd in the street. What he thought was sufficiently expressed in his features and movements: "Miserable beggars, who are looking in, you are nothing in comparison to me."

"Pride," said the dead woman; "do you see him?"

"The footman?" asked the pastor. "He is but a poor fool, and not doomed to be tortured eternally by fire!"

"Only a fool!" It sounded through the whole house of pride: they were all fools there.

Then they flew within the four naked walls of the miser. Lean as a skeleton, trembling with cold, and hunger, the old man was clinging with all his thoughts to his money. They saw him jump up feverishly from his miserable couch and take a loose stone out of the wall; there lay gold coins in an old stocking. They saw him anxiously feeling over an old ragged coat in which pieces of gold were sewn, and his clammy fingers trembled.

"He is ill! That is madness- a joyless madness- besieged by fear and dreadful dreams!"

They quickly went away and came before the beds of the criminals; these unfortunate people slept side by side, in long rows. Like a ferocious animal, one of them rose out of his sleep and uttered a horrible cry, and gave his comrade a violent dig in the ribs with his pointed elbow, and this one turned round in his sleep:

"Be quiet, monster- sleep! This happens every night!"

"Every night!" repeated the other. "Yes, every night he comes and tortures me! In my violence I have done this and that. I was born with an evil mind, which has brought me hither for the second time; but if I have done wrong I suffer punishment for it. One thing, however, I have not yet confessed. When I came out a little while ago, and passed by the yard of my former master, evil thoughts rose within me when I remembered this and that. I struck a match a little bit on the wall; probably it came a little too close to the thatched roof. All burnt down- a great heat rose, such as sometimes overcomes me. I myself helped to rescue cattle and things, nothing alive burnt, except a flight of pigeons, which flew into the fire, and the yard dog, of which I had not thought; one could hear him howl out of the fire, and this howling I still hear when I wish to sleep; and when I have fallen asleep, the great rough dog comes and places himself upon me, and howls, presses, and tortures me. Now listen to what I tell you! You can snore; you are snoring the whole night, and I hardly a quarter of an hour!" And the blood rose to the head of the excited criminal; he threw himself upon his comrade, and beat him with his clenced fist in the face.

"Wicked Matz has become mad again!" they said amongst themselves. The other criminals seized him, wrestled with him, and bent him double, so that his head rested between his knees, and they tied him, so that the blood almost came out of his eyes and out of all his pores.

"You are killing the unfortunate man," said the pastor, and as he stretched out his hand to protect him who already suffered too much, the scene changed. They flew through rich halls and wretched hovels; wantonness and envy, all the deadly sins, passed before them. An angel of justice read their crimes and their defence; the latter was not a brilliant one, but it was read before God, Who reads the heart, Who knows everything, the wickedness that comes from within and from without, Who is mercy and love personified. The pastor`s hand trembled; he dared not stretch it out, he did not venture to pull a hair out of the sinner`s head. And tears gushed from his eyes like a stream of mercy and love, the cooling waters of which extinguished the eternal fire of hell.

Just then the cock crowed.

"Father of all mercy, grant Thou to her the peace that I was unable to procure for her!"

"I have it now!" said the dead woman. "It was your hard words, your despair of mankind, your gloomy belief in God and His creation, which drove me to you. Learn to know mankind! Even in the wicked one lives a part of God- and this extinguishes and conquers the flame of hell!"

The pastor felt a kiss on his lips; a gleam of light surrounded him- God`s bright sun shone into the room, and his wife, alive, sweet and full of love, awoke him from a dream which God had sent him!

Hans Christian Andersen



What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?Luke 15:3-5

A couple of years ago I was picturing the above scripture in my mind when the Lord, interrupted my thoughts with a question. Honey, what do you get when you add 1 to 99. Surprised I said 100. My math skills are at least that He asked me to make it a percentage and I answered, okay that's 100%. He answered that's the plan, I will not lose any.........all sheep are mine and none will be lost .....From that time on I could believe nothing else.....My eyes had been opened to a new truth that was hidden from me.....In the very bible I had read my whole life.......Our Father loves us and he is able to finish what he has begun in each life.........and save to the UTMOST!!!! Today I found this post from another dear brother, I hope you receive the same hope I have.



My Testimony - by Allen J. Steinhauer

My God use to be a 'A HORRIBLE MONSTER' of cruel and unusual punishment, because he had planned from the foundation of the world to torture most of His creation.

My God use to be a 'MONSTROUS FAILURE' because He made some creatures, but then was unable to reconcile all who became lost, back unto Himself.

My God use to be 'A FOOL' because - if He did plan to save all humanity - either He could not or He would not do it.In other words, He could not provide an all inclusive salvation for the stubbornness of some men. You see, My God was a fool, because He planned on something and then couldn't finish it! Just like the one Jesus talked about in: (Luke: 32)

My God use to be ‘A SHAM’ when he would command his followers to“love and forgive their enemies” and “to forgive 70 X 7” to “forgive without limit,” then He the Commander in Chief, does not do likewise. But rather he’d say, “To Hell with the whole lot of them. ”That would make *us* better than our God, wouldn't it? So in reality, Satan was more powerful then my 'god' because he was victorious through his deception in damning billions of souls to a supposed eternal hell.

My God’s will use to be ‘BOTCHED’ because the will of a man that he created, now has somehow become stronger and more powerful than His will is to save them.

My Jesus use to be the biggest 'SINNER.' - because to sin is to - "miss the mark", and Jesus would miss the mark, by not being able to save the whole world that he claimed he would."that the world through Him might be saved." (John 3:17)"if I am lifted up, I will draw all men unto me." (John 12:32)

My Jesus use to be 'A TRAITOR' - because he would not fulfill his own mission, instead, he would switch - to become the epitome of a (Weapon of Mass Destruction). "The Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them." (Luke 9:56)

My Jesus use to be 'A FAILURE' - because he would fail to draw all peoples unto himself like he claimed he would do."And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself." (John 12:32)

My Jesus use to be 'A LOSER' - when he would fail to reconcile all things back unto His Father, like was promised."To reconcile all things back to His Father." (Col. 1:16-20)

My Jesus use to be 'A FIBBER'- because he said he was going to make everything new......but then he does not....he would leave the masses of mankind, withering forever in torment and torture in the lake of fire.

My Jesus use to be dishonest, when he said he would make all things new, but then wouldn't."Behold, I make all things new." (Rev 21:5)


ALL Creation shall be Reconciled. The Lord has laid on HIM the iniquity of us ALL -
(Isa 53:6)

He will see the result of the suffering of His soul, AND BE SATISFIED. - (Isa 53:11)

My righteous servant will justify MANY ....... He bore the sins of MANY. - (Isa 53:11,12)

For men are not cast off by the Lord FOREVER.
Though He brings grief, He will show COMPASSION. - (Lam 3:31-33)

Father in Heaven IS NOT WILLING that ANY ....... should be lost. - (Matt 18:14)

Parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin, were ALL FOUND and SAFE AGAIN. - (Luke 15:3-10)

The Son of Man came to seek and to save WHAT WAS LOST. - (Luke 19:10)

He takes away the SIN of the WORLD. - (John 1:29)

ALL that the Father gives me WILL COME TO ME. - (John 6:37,39,44,65)

I will draw ALL MEN to MYSELF. - (John 12:31,32)

He (Jesus) must remain in Heaven until the time comes to RESTORE EVERYTHING. - (Acts 3:21)

Through the disobedience of ONE MAN the many were made sinners, so through the obedience of the ONE MAN, the (same) MANY WILL BE MADE RIGHTEOUS. - (Rom 5:12-21)

EVERY knee will bow before me, EVERY tongue will confess to God - (Rom 14:11)

As in Adam all die, so in Christ shall (the same) ALL BE MADE ALIVE. - (1 Cor. 15:22)

So that GOD may be ALL IN ALL(everybody). - (1 Cor 15:28 )

The love of Christ is constraining us, judging this, that if ONE DIED FOR the SAKE of ALL, CONSEQUENTLY the (same)ALL DIED(in Christ). - (2 Cor. 5:14)

God was in Christ, RECONCILING the WORLD to Himself. - (2 Cor. 5:18,19)

To bring ALL THINGS in heaven and on earth together under ONE HEAD. - (Eph. 1:9,10)

That at the name of Jesus, EVERY KNEE should bow ......... and EVERY tongue confess ....... to the GLORY of the Father. - (Phil. 2:9-11)

For God was pleased ....... that through HIM (Christ) to reconcile to Himself ALL THINGS........ on earth and in heaven. - (Col. 1:19,20)

Jesus came to save sinners ..... of whom I am the WORST - (1 Tim 1:15,16)

God our Savior, who WILLS THAT ALL MEN BE SAVED. - (1 Tim 2:4)

He(Christ) gave Himself A RANSOM for ALL. - (1 Tim 2:5,6)

We have put our hope in the Living GOD, who is the SAVIOR of ALLMEN. - (1 Tim 4:10)

He is the SAVIOR of ALL MEN. - (2 Tim 4:9,10)

He tasted death FOR the SAKE of EVERYONE. - (Heb 2:9)

He has appeared .... TO DO AWAY WITH SIN. - (Heb 9:26)

Not willing that ANY SHOULD PERISH, but that ALL come to repentance. -
(2 Pet 3:9)

He is the propitiation(covering) .......... for the SINS of the WHOLE WORLD. -
(1 John 2:1,2)

The reason that the Son of God appeared was to DESTROY the DEVIL'S WORK. -
(1 John 3:8 )

We have seen and testify that the FATHER has sent HIS SON to be the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. - (1 John 4:1

L. Ray Smith explains it this way: “There are three great evils of men on earth today:
(1.) corrupt government,
(2.) false science,
(3.) deceitful religion.

Of these, the Christian doctrine of "Eternal Torment" for the majority of God's children, is by far the single greatest evil and contemptible teaching ever foisted on the human race, anywhere on the face of the earth, in the entire history of the world!”

"Pretty soon, everybody will get what they deserve, which is;
..."Salvation"..."Reconciliation"..."Restitution"..."Reconstitution"..."Restoration"..."Immortality"... and "Incorruption" --- now ain't that the coolest thing?

So someday we'll all be friends, at the end of time when God is All in EVERYBODY."
(1 Cor.15:20-28 )



This below is part of a writing that I read a couple nights ago. It might well explain the reason for the great similarities with Christianity, found in all the ancient religions. This is something I have long wondered about and this explanation by my favorite author in his latest message really blessed me. I believe it will bless you also and I pray you sense the anointing as I did while reading this.



In the book of Hebrews we read that our great High Priest, even Jesus, is set on the right hand of the Majesty in the heavens where He is minister of the sanctuary, the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, and not man (Heb. 8:1-2). In ancient times there was in every temple a god, an unseen god, among the pagans an idol god, concealed in the Holy of holies, to whom the temple was devoted. Religion is as old as the human race and religious systems and observances pre-date the oldest empires of antiquity such as the empires of Sumer, Egypt, and Babylon. As these religions spread over the world they developed into an expression in all lands and kingdoms with only a slight change in the names of the gods and slight variations in the rituals. The almost identical knowledge, stories, myths, gods, temples, priesthoods, sacrifices, and belief systems and observances of all kinds had their origins very early in human history. The question is, of course, where did all this come from? Was religion merely an invention of superstitious savages, or did it originate somehow as an integral part of man’s constitution, revelation, and experience from his very beginning?The evidence certainly suggests that religion had its origin from the dawn of history. Every religion shared similar characteristics even among the indigenous cultures of the Americas. The Mayan temples of Central America and the Aztec temples of South America were constructed, even to their holy of holies, along lines similar to those in Egypt and elsewhere. The evidence points to the fact that behind them all there was some ancient historical reality. There are no traces of evolution from simple to sophisticated. All theological systems stemmed from some common but exceedingly ancient source. This raises the question what was that common but exceedingly ancient source? The evidence unquestionably points to some meaningful design right from the earliest time of man’s appearance upon earth. This type of uniformity suggests a guiding hand at work. Oh, yes! There is the same supernatural design throughout practically all the ancient religious systems God, temple worship, sacrifice, priesthood, after-life, redemption, eternal life, resurrection, judgment, etc. Design from the beginning!

The Bible affirms that the worship of God originated with an original truth revealed to man by His Creator. Adam and Eve stepped forth from the garden with this original truth implanted firmly in their hearts. They knew of the tree of life, which was Christ as life. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In Him was life; and the life was the light (illumination, inspiration, revelation) of men (Jn. 1:1,4). They experienced the presence of God and the glory of God, for the Lord God Himself walked with them in the Garden in the cool (Hebrew: spirit) of the day. They knew what it was to walk in the Spirit! They conversed with God and understood His will, His word, and His ways. The only government they knew was the life, spirit, and word of God! But then they came to know the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which indicates a living after human reasoning and law, instead of life. They knew about sin and death, for they both sinned and died. They understood conscience, for after partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they perceived that they were naked and were ashamed, hiding from God because of their shame. They tried the impotent route of religion by works, symbolized by them sewing their own flimsy aprons of fig leaves in a futile effort to cover their shame. They received the divine revelation of redemption by sacrifice, for God Himself slew a lamb (the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world!) and with it covered their nakedness. To be naked means to have your flesh exposed, that is your own carnal mind, will, and nature revealed for what it is, and this was covered by the life of the Lamb! They thus received the revelation of being clothed in the righteousness of Christ! They had the promise of a redeemer, and a restoration to life and glory. They were instructed that this redeemer would be known as the seed of the woman a manchild, Christ, Head and body, and that He would bruise the serpent’s head. They had been introduced to the god of this world, the serpent, who cunningly allured them into the living out of the natural intellect, reason, human conscience, and man’s own perverted sense of man-made law, instead of out of the living Spirit of Christ as Life. Let us now acquaint ourselves with the following important fact: All the so-called wisdom of this present world, yes, all the vaunted wisdom of the worlds of science, philosophy, education, politics, government, psychology, astrology, economics, religion, and a thousand more things that shape our world systems are one and all brought forth out of the illumination of the serpent-mind. For this reason we are admonished, Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever (I Jn. 2:15-17). In that long ago beginning our first parents were given the promise of redemption, reconciliation, and restoration of all things to God! They saw afar off their regained dominion by the wisdom, spirit, and power of God. Their first offspring knew about worship, sacrifice, offering, redemption, and living in the presence of God, and by the revelation of God, for Cain and Able brought their sacrifices out of a knowledge of the plan and purpose of God. But what happened was that as man moved farther and farther from Eden and the presence, life, and glory of God, that original truth was passed through the polluted corridors of time and human nature, becoming distorted, contorted, embellished, misconstrued, disfigured, and mutilated. This is what the scriptures call apostasy!

We see examples of what apostasy does to an original truth in our own age, the church age. Jesus and His apostles came and brought an original truth redemption and transformation of mankind through the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of His kingdom in and by the Spirit. Now consider what happened to that original truth as it was filtered through time and human imagination! Look at the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and other ancient disciplines with their cathedrals, priests, vestments, traditions, holy water, candles, incense, altars, statues, icons, shrines, holy relics, ceremonies, confessionals, rituals, masses, rules, celibacy, monastic orders, and on and on. Do any of these even faintly resemble the original truth and the power and glory and experience of the early church? Not at all! The church world today is but a grotesque caricature of the gospel of Jesus! Yet the essence of that original truth is still present on some level in all of them! They all acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God who came and died for the salvation of mankind! And all their carnal-minded procedures seek in some way to illustrate that truth.

What I am saying is that the similarities in all ancient religions reveal an original truth from which they stemmed God, worship, temples, priesthoods, altars, sacrifices, forgiveness, prayers, salvation, resurrection, eternal life, judgment, future life, paradise all of this and more, though convoluted, twisted, distorted, misfigured, embellished, and even demonized still reflected something of that original truth! What becomes evident is that the Sumerians did one thing with that original truth, the Babylonians did another, the Egyptians another, and so on through all the pagan systems. All had temples, priests, altars, incense, sacrifices, gods, saviours, worship, prayers, etc. In the most powerful and enduring myths that man inherited from his beginning, the human race had retained a confused and perverted memory of the original truth.

Some years ago Lorain and I were privileged to take a tour of Egypt. At the many temples of Egypt I stood in several Holy of holies including the one in the temple of Luxor. There is no denying that Moses’ tabernacle in the wilderness was fashioned somewhat after the model of the temples in Egypt. The Egyptian temples each had their Holy of holies in which the only item present was the idol god. Superficial thinking might reason and conclude that since Moses was from Egypt, and learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, he simply modeled his tabernacle after the order of the Egyptian temples. But such reasoning misses the point altogether! All the ancient temples reflected the original truth of God tabernacling among men. Therefore, that Moses’ tabernacle would be similar should be self-evident! It would have been a blunder and an absurdity of momentous proportions if his tabernacle would have been completely different. Here is what happened. Religion, from the time Adam and Eve left the garden, had been on a steady decline, apostatizing into wretched forms and gross misrepresentations of the original truth. False and hideous portrayals of God sat in their temples grotesque idols of imaginary beings and animal gods. In the land of Egypt this pagan stupidity had sunk as low as man’s serpent-inspired imagination could carry it.

Oh that the darkening veils of ignorance might be torn from our minds that we might see that just at that point in history GOD GLORIOUSLY INTERVENED! The great difference between Moses’ tabernacle and the Egyptian temples was just this the Holy of holies of Moses’ tabernacle, for the first time since its type in Eden and its archetype in the heavenlies of God’s Spirit, now held THE LIVING PRESENCE, GLORY, AND POWER OF THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD not an idol! The bottom had been reached, religion had sunk as low as it could go, the point of return had arrived, and the ascendancy of the original truth back to its purity, fulfillment, and consummation had begun! The Exodus and Moses’ tabernacle was the turning point for God’s purpose among men in the history of the human race! That, precious friend of mine, is historical fact. God manifested Himself as a living reality in the midst of His called and chosen people there in the wilderness and eventually in the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. And now isn’t it interesting that temple worship survived only until Jesus came!

The ascendancy of the original truth came about this way. God manifested His presence and power in the midst of His people in Moses’ tabernacle. He established His throne there in the midst of Israel. Later His presence, power, and rule in the midst of His people was intensified when Israel possessed their land, through the prophets, judges, kings, and the temple of Solomon. Then the presence, power, and rule of God was intensified again even more as out of that nation God came in Jesus Christ and tabernacled among men! The ascendancy of the original truth reached a higher level yet when on the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was outpoured from on high and God came and dwelt and walked and talked in men. Is it not significant that within that very same generation when the true tabernacle, the body of Christ, was raised up in the earth, the Jewish temple was violently and completely destroyed, never to rise again! And within a few generations all the temples of the ancient gods would stand empty and silent. The turning point came with the tabernacle of Moses! There is no idol god in the temple of Luxor today only because Moses came on the scene by the intervention of God to change the course of human history, beginning the ascendance of the original truth revealed in Eden, and the eventual consummation of God’s purpose in man. THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF HISTORY.

All God’s holy prophets since the world began prophesied that the coming One, the redeemer of the world, would banish all the gods of the nations, that He was the hope of all creation, that all nations would come and worship before Him, that all things and all men would be reconciled unto Him, and that all principalities and powers would be made subject to Him. Oh, yes! And history clearly records that in relation to all the mystery religions and the ancient gods of all the great empires of antiquity, THESE PROPHECIES WERE EXPLICITLY FULFILLED IN JESUS CHRIST! Of all the religions of earth only Jesus triumphed over the ancient gods! There are no temples or altars to Zeus today, nor to Athena, nor to Baal, nor to Diana, nor to any other of the ancient gods and goddesses. And He triumphed not only because those gods, by man’s imagination and manipulation, had become false gods, perverted representations of the original truth, but truly because HE BECAME AT LAST THE VERY EMBODIMENT AND FULFILLMENT OF THAT ORIGINAL TRUTH SO FAINTLY SHADOWED IN THEM! Jesus appeared right on schedule, by divine destiny, and accomplished all that the prophets had foretold and that the myths of all religions pointed to! Thus He is the fulfillment not only of all the types and shadows of the Old Testament, but even of the figures still set forth in all the pagan religions of antiquity! Oh, the wonder of it!

J Preston Eby

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