"The creature was made subject to vanity ..... " (Rom 8:20). So of course, the creature would think himself, a free moral agent (laughing out loud).

Another translation reads, "the creature was made subject to futility." Finally, some render the verse, as "the creature was made frustrated."

So, we might say, by using all three renditions, we have the vain creature chasing his tail in futility and becoming frustrated. Thank God, He pulls us out of this maddening circuit and to Himself, where we find glorious rest in His will, the one and only will.

"Why do we suffer such?" you might ask. One reason is, that in order to measure and realize selflessness, we must know it's opposite which be vanity. The same would be instanced, with futility and omnipotence, also, frustration and rest. So it is, we first suffer, for which to know the glorious well being in God. Thank you Father, for the One, come suffer for, with, in and through us. Thank you God, for Your Christ Jesus and our Christ Jesus, Bless His Most Holy Name!

"Then I realized how bitter I had become, how pained I had been by all I had seen. I was so foolish and ignorant. I must have seemed like a senseless animal to you. Yet I still belong to you; you are holding my right hand. You will keep on guiding me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny. Whom have I in heaven but you? I desire you more than anything on earth. My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever. But as for me, how good it is to be near God! I have made the Sovereign LORD my shelter, and I will tell everyone about the wonderful things you do." Psalm 73:21-28

"For it is GOD who works in you both to WILL and to DO of His good pleasure" Php 2:13

Yes, it is God, who works in us and His good pleasure is always, toward Love,




Christ has stood by you and He has stood by me. He has stood with is, by us and within us from all time, suffering and rejoicing, living and dieing, as man and as God. Christ died as the first Adam, to be raised as the last Adam. He stands His ground and raises it to Heavens farthest reach. We are Christ's earth, become Christ's heaven. What a plan, what a purpose we find in our Christ as He stands.

Today, many know Christ stands by them, tomorrow they will know He stands in them, and one day they will know they stand in Him. Most importantly, all will realize before Christ stood, Christ stooped. Such is the Love, we know as Christ. All praise be, to man's Christ and to God's Christ!


I am blessed to study and contemplate, what I think, some deep things of God. However, my heart is always moved by the simple testimonies, where God just shows up unexpectedly in someones life. These kinds of stories always bring to me tears of tenderness. Be blessed with your reading of this beautiful account, of His grace bestowed.

The song that silenced the cappuccino machine....

It was chilly in Manhattan but warm inside the Starbucks shop on 51st Street and Broadway, just a skip up from Times Square . Early November weather in New York City holds only the slightest hint of the bitter chill of late December and January, but it's enough to send the masses crowding indoors to vie for available space and warmth. For a musician, it's the most lucrative Starbucks location in the world, I'm told, and consequently, the tips can be substantial if you play your tunes right.

Apparently, we were striking all the right chords that night, because our basket was almost overflowing. It was a fun, low-pressure gig - I was playing keyboard and singing backup for my friend who also added rhythm with an arsenal of percussion instruments. We mostly did pop songs from the '40s to the '90s with a few original tunes thrown in. During our emotional rendition of the classic, "If You Don't Know Me by Now," I noticed a lady sitting in one of the lounge chairs across from me. She was swaying to the beat and singing along.

After the tune was over, she approached me. "I apologize for singing along on that song. Did it bother you?" she asked.

"No," I replied. "We love it when the audience joins in. Would you like to sing up front on the next selection?" To my delight, she accepted my invitation. "You choose," I said. "What are you in the mood to sing?"

"Well. ... do you know any hymns?" Hymns? This woman didn't know who she was dealing with. I cut my teeth on hymns. Before I was even born, I was going to church. I gave our guest singer a knowing look. "Name one."

"Oh, I don't know. There are so many good ones. You pick one."

"Okay," I replied. "How about 'His Eye is on the Sparrow'?"

My new friend was silent, her eyes averted. Then she fixed her eyes on mine again and said, "Yeah. Let's do that one." She slowly nodded her head, put down her purse, straightened her jacket and faced the center of the shop. With my two-bar setup, she began to sing,

"Why should I be discouraged? Why should the shadows come?"
The audience of coffee drinkers was transfixed. Even the gurgling noises of the cappuccino machine ceased as the employees stopped what they were doing to listen. The song rose to its conclusion.

"I sing because I'm happy; I sing because I'm free. For His eye is on the sparrow And I know He watches me."

When the last note was sung, the applause crescendo to a deafening roar that would have rivaled a sold-out crowd at Carnegie Hall. Embarrassed, the woman tried to shout over the din, "Oh, y'all go back to your coffee! I didn't come in here to do a concert! I just came in here to get somethin' to drink, just like you!"

But the ovation continued.. I embraced my new friend. "You, my dear, have made my whole year! That was beautiful!"

"Well, it's funny that you picked that particular hymn," she said.

"Why is that?"

"Well . .." she hesitated again, "that was my daughter's favorite song."

"Really!" I exclaimed.

"Yes," she said, and then grabbed my hands. By this time, the applause had subsided and it was business as usual.. "She was 16. She died of a brain tumor last week.."

I said the first thing that found its way through my stunned silence. "Are you going to be okay?"

She smiled through tear-filled eyes and squeezed my hands. "I'm gonna be okay. I've just got to keep trusting the Lord and singing his songs, and everything's gonna be just fine." She picked up her bag, gave me her card, and then she was gone.. Was it just a coincidence that we happened to be singing in that particular coffee shop on that particular November night? Coincidence that this wonderful lady just happened to walk into that particular shop? Coincidence that of all the hymns to choose from, I just happened to pick the very hymn that was the favorite of her daughter, who had died just the week before? I refuse to believe it. God has been arranging encounters in human history since the beginning of time, and it's no stretch for me to imagine that he could reach into a coffee shop in midtown Manhattan and turn an ordinary gig into a revival. It was a great reminder that if we keep trusting him and singing his songs, everything's gonna be okay.

Gentle Shepherd.......Come and Lead Us

Above~April 2010~Joian in Arrowhead at Chuck and Leanne's home for the holiday.

Thank you all for your prayers and love for me over the last months. The journey has been amazing. I abide in a deeper rest as a result of all I have experienced. I especially want to thank my beloved Jack. I have never been so continually touched by prayer, love and support from another. You have been a gift Mr. Hennessey, sent of the Lord. I and my family thank God for you.

I also found a new dimension in the love of my children and friends. I was privileged to see over and over “Christ” as he came through their lives to me. Our Father has mixed the bitter and sweet together and uses it as he wills……..he is God, I am the clay………in that knowledge I have learned to be content.

My trip to the pit of hell started in ER. I had endured a series of blood tests and lots of poking and prodding in the previous weeks as they tried to determine why I was not getting better. I was scheduled for a sonogram the following Monday. Early one morning awakened by pain, I questioned when deliverance would come. I finally heard the Lord clearly say; this time it is necessary to “go through” what lies ahead. I had no idea what “going through” fully meant but it sounded like it had a beginning and an end…….with that, I began to lean back and trust.

It has taken over two months to come to grips with all that happened during that time. A cancerous tumor was located in the intestine, just above the colon and was removed, along with a third of my colon. Fifteen lymph nodes and my appendix were also taken for good measure. The blockage was so critical it nearly burst my small intestine. We were later informed surgically removing the tumor released cancer cells throughout the rest of my body via blood cells. In my surgeons’ opinion, I would require chemo therapy to stop the spread of cancer.

I awoke with tubes everywhere and in the worst pain I had ever experienced. I would taste an ongoing, kind of hell for the next three days. I felt like my bed had been placed in the center ring at a circus, with all the sites and sounds of the

One morning I woke with my daughter Melody’s hand over my ear. She had been trying to block the noise so that I could sleep. A hospital is no place for recovery unless you are in a coma!!! Each day, I would wake to find a daughter, son or grandchild vigilantly on duty in my room, sometimes two or three and in the beginning all of them at once… I still cry remembering their tender care. Miraculously, three days after surgery I was released, surprising everyone. I had no pain to speak of and took only an occasional Tylenol over the next days to help me sleep.

The second afternoon home from the hospital, I awoke from a nap feeling a tangible presence of the Lord. It was almost as if I lay curled in his arms. We talked of the recent events and my fears. I told the Lord I was willing to go through the chemo therapy and that if I lived or died I trusted him. His reply was that I would not die and that I was not to go through chemo. In such a weakened state it rather frightened me to think of bucking the Drs. and possibly my family. I thought “whew” if I miss your voice I could be in big trouble. To which he answered, “Honey, I will send messengers who will make the way plain, you will not miss me once.” Then he added, “I will lead you in the gentle way”.
Just then my daughter knocked at the bedroom door to let me know my brother-in-law and sister-in-law had just stopped by, and did I feel like seeing them? Thus began a most remarkable journey as the first two messengers had arrived.

My sister-in-law is a three year survivor of breast cancer. She refused radiation after the removal of a malignant breast tumor. Her prognosis was 2-5 years. Yet today she remains cancer free. They began to share the journey of the past three years with me and my family. Before they left they had pointed me to the beginning tools of my recovery. I took everything they said, as if they had been angels sent from the Lord. They introduced me to a foundation called Hallelujah Acres and left four DVDs. One from Hallelujah Acres, two by Dr. Lorraine Day and another called “Healing Cancer From Within” from the book, “The China Project”. I would spend the next two months learning how to……live again.

The next messenger would be a close family friend. Maria is almost family, as her brother married one of my daughters. She is also a professional masseuse. I have referred dozens of clients to her and go as often as possible myself. She has always been the frosting on the cupcake of life… When she heard I had cancer she began to pray for me. That same night she had a dream from the Lord. Among other things, he told her to anoint me with a specific oil for my healing. The next morning she searched through her essence oils and was surprised that she had an unopened bottle of those very oils spoken of in the dream, a blend of frankincense and myrrh.

It would be weeks before either of us could meet as she was suddenly taken to the hospital the next day with what they thought was a mini stroke. As we both recovered I searched out more information on frankincense and myrrh. I found that Moses was instructed to mix a small amount of myrhh into the frankincense that was used for incense in the temple. Myrhh is described as bitter, while frankincense is called sweet. I was struck by the symbolism to life’s mixture of bitter and sweet. It is in the bitter; I find the deep parts of HE himself.

I also found that myrhh is used for embalming. In my heart I began to understand some of the meaning of her dream. I couldn’t shake that I was to be anointed for my own burial, a burial that signified, I would never again use self effort to accomplish anything. It filled me with awe and brought me to tears.

A month passed before I was able to meet with Maria. We both cried as she anointed my head with oil. As she moved to anoint my feet; I felt the presence of the Lord just as if he were standing physically in the room, his hands on my head. Maria was massaging my feet as the power of his being went through me. It touched her so strongly she needed to lean against the wall to remain upright. I believe we both experienced healing that day….three hours would pass like a minute as we shared in the Glory of his presence. Truly….Living is IN and through Christ ~ to DIE will be nothing but GAIN!!!

One final hallelujah before I close. Two weeks ago my daughter Amy sent me a link to an alternative cancer site she found. It was founded by a 78 year old man named Bill Henderson. Bill authored the book “Cancer-Free”, which was written several years after losing his wife to the disease. It exposes the ignorance practiced by medical doctors and alternatives to the poison called chemo therapy.

The website contained a newsletter that is filled with encouraging stories and links. There is also a podcast site where Bill interviews doctors and cancer survivors. It is literally packed with information and links to other sites including the protocol I am using for healing. I read for several hours and was in the process of saving the site address to my favorites when I saw its name, I burst into tears, the Lord had left another sign post along the way…… faithful is our Father who intertwines us each with the other, and oversees our lives down to the smallest detail, GENTLY leading us.

Forever His,

"WE ARE BECOMING WHAT WE ALREADY ARE!" ..... a eulogy for Dad.


Rest in Christ
Rest in Peace
We rejoice with you, in your perfect never ending day.

Please be assured my SONSHINE friends, I have not bailed on our blog. Instead, I have only been called, to spend a season in a another place. That place, where I have writing of late, is Facebook, which has turned into fertile ground for the publishing of the real "Good News" and the deeper truths of God. It has been a tremendous blessing and if you frequent the verdant pastures of Facebook, please make a friend request of me.

With that report of my whereabouts. allow me to share, that for some time, Ellie and myself have been enjoying weekly phone visits, whence we are blessed to share His anointing. Our conversations are filled with the telling of the events of our everyday lives, lived in Christ. Also, we share the glad records. of that which we both are learning of our precious Lord. Ah, my friends these visits have truly been times of blessed refreshment as our Lord fills our thoughts. It is indeed wonderful, to dwell with brethren and as we go deeper into God, it seems we tread a common path with fewer and fewer of the saints. I can only say, "God bless, those of you, that are being drawn to highest reaches of God's Holy Mount, where New Jerusalem rests.

Now, before getting back to Ellie, let me interject, that this week on Facebook, I have been telling of my Father's burial at Arlington National Cemetery. The formal ceremony took place Monday, while my Dad had died in October. Because of my illness, I was not able to attend the burial, yet still, our good Lord made a way that I would have a part. It seems the attending Navy Chaplain had asked my Father's wife, Lois, if the family might have a few scriptures they would like read at the burial. This request in turn, gave way to Lois asking me to think of a few verses that I thought would be meaningful and appropriate for the occassion. Seems, I soon discovered, I had received a much more difficult assignment, than first envisioned. I also appreciated that difficulty, because I knew of One that thrived in difficult places and He has a way, of doing all things well.

Yes, what seemed a simple chore, became difficult as I realized that "the sea" should of course be the theme of a eulogy, fit for a career Naval officer. If you understand types in the Bible, you already know, "the sea" in scripture represents tumultuous humanity. So as I previously reported, I was completely stymied. Finally, after a time and with repeated calls as to the where abouts of these sought after verses, I sat down to type. I called on the Lord and instead of a couple scriptures or even a Bible passage, we wrote a book (lol). Of course I kid about the "book". However, let me say, that which I felt led to write was way more than I think anyone expected, including me.

So truthfully, I was surprised and even more so pleased, that my message was actually read by the Chaplain. I was equally edified, with the repeated reports, saying my part of the eulogy was the most moving. In writing these words, I felt empty of self and at a loss, only praying this message would be His. When I typed out the closing sentences of this message, I thought, "oh my, this is much too esoteric."
Then I thought, "I don't expect this to be read, so what the heck."
After all, my father's widow had only asked me for a couple scriptures to be recited.

So back to Ellie, it was today, she asked that I might share this message on SONSHINE. Bless her heart, the great encourager, she is. I had earlier E-mailed Ellie, the message and she thought it grand. So without further adieu. let me get to the message, First please allow me a prelude, by quoting the following excerpted words, from the whole of the message. These are thoughts, that surprised me, when I typed them. By the way, "Charles" is my Dad and following this excerpt, is my explanation of this which I quoted.

"Be assured, dear family and beloved friends, today, Charles enjoys the unimaginable beauty of still waters, full of peace, joy, love and mercy. And in a most mysterious way, all that have known and loved Charles in this life, are there enjoined with Him. So glorious, so grand and beyond description is this Mystery, we know as Christ ...... 'Christ', the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End of all things. Amen"

So it is, dear reader, I believe that, in the highest heaven, where time is of a different rhythm, God's purposeful plan is finished. With such a blissful state, even you and me are found complete in Him. We sit, even today, in the highest place, resting as complete in Christ. That is indeed "esoteric", and as with the meaning of the word, this truth is only known in this present world, by the initiated and enlightened of Christ. What a wonder, this Christ of ours and what mystery, that today, WE ARE BECOMING WHAT WE ALREADY ARE!

Yes, on Monday afternoon I had tears, when I was told such wondrous words of hope were read at my Dad's burial. It was a good day, because God is good. The following, is that which was recited in it's entirety and I am pleased to say, I still continue to receive more calls and mailings telling of how moved everyone was by this, which I believe was penned by His hand. Many said they wept, as they felt God's comfort come from out of this message. Bless His Holy Name!

Commander Charles A. Hennessey, US Navy retired (1920-2009)

The following thoughts are taken from the sacred scriptures found in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 21. This message was recorded by Jack, son of Charles, at the bequest of Charles' wife, Lois and on behalf of Charles' family.

Charles, husband and father, as we knew him, was a career oceanfarer, well acquainted with the storm driven, tumultuous sea. In the Holy Bible, the unruly sea is well used, as a descriptive metaphor, for our unsettled humanity. Each of us has been assigned a space of time, in the midst of humanity on earth. In this time, even a long life is measured, as but a fleeting breath in the face of eternity. In this short life, even the best of days enjoyed on earth, carry with it a subtle tension, for want of the perfect endless day in a perfect world. So it is, a perfect day in such a world, we are all given. With this life's duties end, we will all come as Charles has, to find and enjoy the perfect rest. Such wondrous bliss, is found besides Heaven's still living waters, poured forth for us, by our creator and redeemer, Christ Jesus.

Today, we bury the remains of Charles' body in honorable remembrance, knowing. his seafaring soul has departed. The spirit and soul of Charles, was called to home port and to Heaven's restful leave, in the fall of last year. Dust and memories, only, were left to remain. Charles' homecoming, was made the perfect day, when he was met by His Savior and Lord, Christ Jesus. Ages ago, Jesus, had gone before Charles, to make all things new. So it was on Heaven's entrance, just before Charles took his rest in paradise, Jesus stood and wiped away the tears from this seafarers face. With that Jesus assured, there would be no more death, sorrow, or pain in this new and perfect world. All the old things had passed away, upon entrance to this glorious rest, prepared for Charles, by Christ, his Redeemer.

Be assured, dear family and beloved friends, today, Charles enjoys the unimaginable beauty of still waters, full of peace, joy, love and mercy. And in a most mysterious way, all that have known and loved Charles in this life, are there enjoined with Him. So glorious, so grand and beyond description is this Mystery, we know as Christ, Christ, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End of all things.

Rest in Christ, Charles. Rest in Peace. We rejoice with you, in your perfect never ending day. Amen.




. .

Father, gives us this day, the time to ponder the
awesomeness, of Your Son, Christ Jesus risen.
The Hope of the Resurrection
by Vachel Lindsay

Though I have watched so many mourners weep
O'er the real dead, in dull earth laid asleep—
Those dead seemed but the shadows of my days
That passed and left me in the sun's bright rays.
Now though you go on smiling in the sun
Our love is slain, and love and you were one.
You are the first, you I have known so long,
Whose death was deadly, a tremendous wrong.
Therefore I seek the faith that sets it right
Amid the lilies and the candle-light.
I think on Heaven, for in that air so dear
We two may meet, confused and parted here.
Ah, when man's dearest dies,'tis then he goes
To that old balm that heals the centuries' woes.
Then Christ's victory cry in all the streets is rife:—
"I am the Resurrection and the Life."

A risen Christ shares victory over, our every hard and broken place. Life out of death; how would life or death, take upon meaning, would one be absent from the other. So we come to know them both, finally settling and resting upon life, His Life, Precious and Eternal.

May we find the occasion, of every day, to settle and rest our hope upon You, dear Jesus,
Our Christ and Life Eternal,


NUGGETS OF PRECIOUS GOLD; a "Let Go, Let God" prayer

"If anything about my salvation or right standing with God depends on my faithfulness, I'm toast, damned to hell." Gavazoni

As of late I have been writing and contemplating the "matter of man" and it was a few days ago, that Joian sent to me, an amazing prayer. This prayer, quoted below, expresses that which I believe I am making a strong case for with my "matter of man" messages. That objective is , that man is purposed as utterly futile, in the face of God's almighty power and all knowing wisdom. Although not by the same words, I have prayed this very prayer. I would describe this below, as a creed of complete surrender or better yet, and with more of a catch, a "LET GO, LET GOD" prayer.
Be blessed dear reader.

A Personal Prayer of Faith

Over the years of Christian publishing it has been popular to issue collections of prayers. I will share a prayer with you that you’ll probably not find in one of these collections.

God works to bring us to a place of weakness, so that we might be totally abandoned to Christ alone as our life. On many such occasions the Father has so moved in my life as to pray a faith-emboldened prayer similar to what I will now share with you. I do so for the encouragement of our many dear readers who have experienced this same working of Dad in their hearts and lives as well.

The following prayer is based on Philippians 2:13:

For it is God Who works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.


I seem so lost most of the time. My life and heart appear to be such a big mess. I have no idea what I am doing or where I am going, let alone what I should be doing, or where I should be going, or even who I really am. My heart aches and is so heavy. I give up!

After all, it’s not about me anyway, right? I can’t live the Christian life. I never could. I never will. It’s You or nothing – but, the mess of my life is You working in me. You said so! You said that I was Your workmanship; You started me, You will complete and finish me. I am the workmanship, You are the worker. I am the clay, You are the potter. That’s all there is to it.

I know that You know what You are doing, and Your Word is true. So, if You want to make a complete mess out of my life – have at it. I am Yours, and I am Your work. So I quit. If anything is going to get done then You’ll have to be the one Who does it. After all, that’s what YOU said, right? So, You must want this mess. Therefore by faith I will quit and let You do whatever You want with me.

You said that You work in me to “will” and to “do.” So, I don’t “want-to” anymore. So, I quit. All I know to “do” anyway is what I have been taught all my life to “do” from the religious system; and if I know anything, that is all empty and vain, and it doesn’t even work. Yet it is all I have known. So, I quit – and since You work in me to “will,” I am not going to “do” anything else with my spiritual life unless I “want” to, and right now I don’t “want” to do anything.

My heart is so heavy, it is so empty, and You are responsible. After all, You are God, not me. You are the Potter, not me. You are the Father, not me; and God, the Potter, and the Father are all responsible agents!

So, if You do give me a “will” to do what You want, You also are just as responsible to “do” it in me. You said so! Then even if You work the “will” in me, I will make a mess out of everything, because even if I have the “want-to” I can’t “do” it either. I don’t even know how. So, You’ll have to do both parts, just like You said you would do. Therefore if I don’t “want” to do anything, and nothing gets “done” then it will just be Your fault, because I am just a creature – You’re the One Who is the Creator. So there, I quit. Now it’s all up to You. I am just going to trust You; You are all that I have, and I am going to rest in You. My quitting is going to be, for me, an act of faith. I am going to rest in this quitting, because my quitting is trusting You. I am NOT trusting You to help me; I just quit. I am trusting You to do it all Yourself. After all, You are God, and You’re responsible.

If by chance You don’t follow through with what You said, I am going to hold You responsible on the Day of Jesus Christ. When I stand before You, You’ll see what You made, and if You don’t like it – well, I’m Your workmanship, I’m Your creation, so you can’t blame me. If my life is just a big mess, it will be Your big mess, because I am just Your creature, and You made me weak and subject to vanity. I didn’t even ask to be here; I am a product of Your Own making. It all happened on Your watch. If You expected anything different out of me – in the weakness of who I am without You – then You were supposed to provide the “will” and the “do.” You said so!

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.