So living with my sister has been quite humbling. You know, I always took pride in my clean house when I lived alone and Joian, having visited me, will attest to my cleaning abilities.. But jeepers, the other day my sister went on a tirade berating my housecleaning skills. While she continued to rail on me, I was made to watch as she showed me how to clean, to her standards. When she pulled out a couple toothpicks and began to clean with them, with horror I proclaimed, " HOLEY MOLEY! That is some fine cleaning!".

With toothpicks in hand, I sadly report my future time on SONSHINE will be limited. For I am the house keeper of a professional housekeeper. A fate worse than hell!

Yes, my sister house keeps for the rich and famous of Jackson Hole, while I find humility keeping her house spotless ........ with toothpicks.

Does anyone need a roommate?

And then we have the dogs! Some nights there are four of them sleeping over. I'm not necessarily a dog person and when I crawled into bed the other night and found the old hair shedding, foul smelling lab sleeping on my pillow, I wanted to cry. Up til then I refused to even smile at him, as he also loves to lay his hundred pounds of dead wight right on my oxygen line while I turn six shades of blue. And if he isn't laying somewhere, this beast and his twin daughter love to follow me down the hall, stepping on my line which drags behind me. Oh, that is just so much fun, as the O2 line they step on is connected to my nose. It's almost like I am their puppet and they got me by the nose, jerking me at their whim. Shoot the other day they got me three times in one single trip down the hallway. Talk about a nose job, just paint mine swollen and bright red!

So to improve my attitude toward my new canine housemates, I have watched this video a number of times. I am sure it will warm the souls of the you dog lovers, and entertain Ellie's kids.
God bless,


Raphael Berndt finishes his
morning session on SONSHINE
Florian and Clare, our German friends,
believe in starting 'em early, learning
the computer and reading English.


Why is it, that they who have left, yet still pine for the church have nothing in return, when I say, "they who worship the tormenting hellfire God, worship a false Deity"?
They can not refute it!

This video, I share below, was taken about the time I quit going to church and fled the ghost of hell. It was the so called, "dancing in the spirit" that had overtaken our congregation and if you didn't dance you were considered as quenching the spirit. Have you any idea, how uncomfortable you would feel as you sat, rather than cut a rug with the rest of the congregants!?! If you didn't dance, the following sermon castigating the wall flowers, would surely cause you to want to crawl under your pew. Of course with the dancing, came along side the fund raising for a new auditorium that God was going to fill, if we would but build it. So it was, that I was appointed the "point man in charge of motivation" with our new building program. Being a well know Gideon that rubbed shoulders with the wealthiest Christians in our city, surely I would lead in selling bonds for building the new church. Wrong! For the life of me and might I say, "supernaturally", I could not sell even a single dollar's worth of bonds. I was more than mortified! I didn't dance, I couldn't sell and I sure wasn't laughing about it!

At the same time all this shenanigans was taking place in my church , an incredible undertaking was happening just outside the doors. In the church parking lot, a quiet little widow woman was clandestinely placing the writings of George Hawtin on the seats of a few selected automobiles, while we were in service. Oh my God! I had never read such anointed material, speaking to "the inward Kingdom of God", "all men saved", and "mystery Babylon." I'll tell ya, the handwriting was on the wall! And I would leave the church and spend twenty years dieing and losing next to everything, before I would realize what had happened. Then a still small voice, from deep within, would arise and begin to guide me. My oh my, how far is this still small voice from such as this video proclaims. Dear sweet reader all I can say is, "today, it is so good to be alone and still ..... with just Him."

The church leader in the video, Papa Hagin, is considered to be the "father of the modern faith movement" and the pioneering promoter of " the word of faith and the prosperity gospel." His drunken side kick and protege', Kenneth Copeland, is even at it today, binding men, woman and children to the fallen world while he fleeces them for all they are worth. Here in the video, is an amazing example of fleshly phenomenon and the latent power of the soul. While I believe there are the true manifestations of the Spirit, even being drunk, joyous and laughing with New Wine, this is the counterfeit.
Why is this soulish and false .......... because the fruit gives evidense and this type of meeting would be the last place I would ever want my chidren or your children.

(excuse the written lines within this video
as they are written by some who are yet to meet
their Saviour. Their motives do not distiguish the
ekklesia from the harlot church)


"The self is so self-confident that unless it is totally discouraged it will not give up."

So it is, we suffer at first
Then we suffer for others
The latter is mixed with joy

So it is, we die to our self
And in this we also die for others
For we are the offerings of God

"The cry of man's anguish went up to God,
'Lord take away pain:
The shadow that darkens the world Thou hast made,

The close-coiling chain
That strangles the heart, the burden that weighs
On the wings that would soar,
Lord, take away pain from the world Thou hast made,
That it love Thee the more.'

"Then answered the Lord to the cry of His world:
'Shall I take away pain,
And with it the power of the soul to endure,
Made strong by the strain?
Shall I take away pity, that knits heart to heart

And sacrifice high?
Will ye lose all your heroes that lift from the fire
White brows to the sky?
Shall I take away love that redeems with a price
And smiles at its loss?
Can ye spare from your lives that would climb unto Me
The Christ on His cross?"

poem by Lettie Cowman


Sometimes you can't tell 'em. Tis good to just be, even until the times of remembrance, when Jesus reveals to our wayward friends and loved ones, Who He really is. Oh, to dream what it will be like to stand in His Glory and extend our arms to those who were blind and now see. And then, to take them, hand in our hand, to bow and lay our crowns at His feet. Surely, our delight will signal their crowns are as ours and all are His. What wonder, we sometimes get to see our dreams fulfilled even today, as His order is played out and one or another answers the supernal call from Home.

This morning, I have to believe Ellie was moved by Ray's daily devotional, as was I. Be encouraged dear reader, as you read and contemplate this anointed message.


“Until the time that his word came: the Word of the Lord tried him,”
(Psalm 105:19).

This is the experience of those who are to be firstfruits of the new creation. While we wait for the time of our own deliverance from this bondage of vanity and subjection to corruption, we are “tried by the Word.” There is no justifying of your vision in the eyes of those around you. There is no visible form of manifestation that what God has spoken into your heart concerning the ages to come shall ever be realized. The bondage of vanity is yours to experience just as much as for all the rest of groaning creation. The moments of glory when you see into the realms beyond, and your spirit knows the certainty of the things which the Holy Spirit reveals to you, these moments, I say, are interlaced with long periods of dryness and times when “THE WORD OF THE LORD TRIES YOU” deep into inmost core. Yet the Word of the Lord is sure, its fulfillment is secure, and as an anchor deep within, its “wisdom and knowledge become the stability of thy times, and the strength of thy salvation,” (Isa. 33:6).

Joseph was no different then us, when he received his dreams he had to tell somebody. There was still a distinction made between the messenger and his message. He told his brethren, and they hated him. He told his father, and his father rebuked him. Thus one learns to ‘limit’ the telling. Self-proclaimed visions are not the reality. When the vision becomes reality it needs no telling. Eventually the message and the messenger become one! When Joseph became the embodiment of his dreams, he ceased telling them, and simply LIVED THEM. Let others recall the message they have heard, let them acknowledge the truth, but he who has been thoroughly tried by the Word till he becomes the message, has no need for self-defense, nor self-proclamation, his state of being is the message. Reality is its own declaration.

Tried by the Word till all error is removed,
We stand in His presence, message approved,
Steadfast in the truth we cannot be moved.

Ray Prinzing


"Is He willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is impotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Whence then is evil?" Therefore, how can an all powerful and all knowing God who loves his people permit evil to exist on His earth?”
David Hume 1711-1776

I have had a glorious morning in Him, as I pondered the subject of Hume's questions. I can but think, is it no wonder the Bible calls such, the "Mystery of Iniquity." Along side my contemplations, I read many awesome things and I believe, even shared some awesome things with others. However, above all, I found this below, to be the most awesome and is it no wonder, that it speaks to the Cross of Christ, a place I am bound never to leave, until I find myself in His likeness.

May God bless you with the reading of Edward Shilito's poem, "Jesus of the Scars", penned as he found himself sickened by the tragedy of suffering and death in the "great war". As an epilogue, are the thoughts of Olsen and Piper. I took the liberty to enlarge the latter by removing one word, "Calvinism" and then adding a phrase.

Oh, that Calvin, might himself, have added "all men" to the determinism of God. For God is determined to see "all men saved." Thank God, we have and share the greater hope and the real "Good News!"

Jesus of the Scars

If we have never sought, we seek Thee now;
Thine eyes burn through the dark, our only stars;
We must have sight of thorn-pricks on Thy brow,
We must have Thee, O Jesus of the Scars.

The heavens frighten us; they are too calm;
In all the universe we have no place.
Our wounds are hurting us; where is the balm?
Lord Jesus, by Thy Scars, we claim Thy grace.

If, when the doors are shut, Thou drawest near,
Only reveal those hands, that side of Thine;
We know to-day what wounds are, have no fear,
Show us Thy Scars, we know the countersign.

The other gods were strong; but Thou wast weak;
They rode, but Thou didst stumble to a throne;
But to our wounds only God's wounds can speak,
And not a god has wounds, but Thou alone.

Our belief in God's sovereignty does not offer a "seemingly simple answer to the problem of evil." Rather, it bows in humility to what God has revealed. And it gazes with faith and hope at the zenith of that revelation in the crucified Savior. When understanding fails and questions remain, we look at the Jesus of the scars and remember that our God--the only God there is--was wounded for us, and we let His wounds speak to ours.



This should put a big smile on ya. Be blessed.


A friend sent this testimony to me yesterday. I know it will encourage you that still hold hope for someone that resides in the deepest of darkness. In one swift swoop, the light of His face brings marvelous love to the most unlovable. Such is it with Byron's story.

Byron's Story
Before my re-birth I was totally lost in spiritual darkness - an atheistic, God concept hating, Christianity loathing type person. How that led to what I am today makes no natural sense at all. It happened alone in a deserted room after losing the woman I loved and falling into a deep depression for over two years. At rock bottom for months on end, I finally ‘lost it’ one night, rolling around on the floor and spontaneously screaming out for help (to no one in particular) and basically wishing to die very badly. My spirit was crying out over and over and over "What's wrong with me? what's wrong with me?!!". Finally, out of the clear blue I heard this voice inside calmly say "You're starving... to death". A voice??? This was a first. I was absolutely stunned and thinking "wow, did I imagine that?!! What the heck is going on here?" A strange calm came over me. There was a love, a compassion in that voice and as I dragged myself up into bed and drifted off to sleep my memory echoed softly those words over and over again "You're starving... to death, you're starving... to death, You're starving... to death.....

The next morning I started putting 1 and 2 together: 1. I was crying out 2. a voice answered ... so could it be like.... (gulp) maybe... God? Answering? Like a prayer or something? I began to tremble thinking “This is impossible”. I got up and decided to go see a friend whom I hadn't seen in months. Not seeing him was on purpose because he was a Jesus freak who would sometimes tell my friends and I that we needed to 'seek God' and 'know Christ' etc. I was a nice person, but inside it would anger me and I remember wishing that he would just shut the - bleep- up. But now I'm thinking maybe he could shed some light on what had happened. "You're starving... to death"? What in the world was that supposed to mean? It was driving me nuts! So I show up at his door early in the morning, knock, and he is very surprised to see me and says something like "Hey there stranger, what's going on?" All I said was "I think God might have spoken to me last night". That's ALL I said. He invited me in and I was ready to explain what I meant but before I could say another word, He told me to sit down and he'd be back in a minute, and he scurries off into his bedroom. Keep in mind, all I'd told him was "I think God might have spoken to me last night" and I mentioned nothing at all of the "starving to death" thing.

After about ten minutes he comes out of his bedroom with an open bible, and while pointing down to a particular spot on the page he says "Read this". I looked down and read where he was pointing. It said: "I have food to eat that you don't know anything about". (John 4:32) Can you imagine what went through my head? How could he have known??? "Why did you show me that?" I demanded. He replied "I just went back and prayed and felt like you needed to read that verse." And so I start asking him "How did you know?" and he says "Know what?" I was speechless. The stunning truth became clear, it WAS God who had spoken - it had to be. There was no other possible explanation. All the sudden this love came washing over me like waves. I can't explain it - love, forgiveness, compassion. I had done nothing to cause/deserve this. I was crying, couldn't speak, and left back to the deserted room - but now I was in the presence of perfect love. The depression disappeared INSTANTLY, just vanished. I was flying inside - it was like a dream, a fairytale. That night I did have a dream. In the dream I could see underground, a side view, (mmm.. like remember in Jurassic Park - the illustration of the diggers going down into the cave to find the amber? Like that). I saw a man, whom I knew to be Jesus, buried, lying under the earth just below the surface in the darkness. All the sudden he started to glow and then broke upright through the ground and stood (floating) a few feet above the ground in the open air, now shimmering in white light. A voice spoke and said "This is you" and I replied "No it's not... that's Jesus" and I woke up.

I pulled out a bible that my former lady friend had given me from under a pile of junk and started reading - it had opened to Romans. Again a shocking moment came when I got to 6:4 "just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life" and later in Colossians "having been buried with Him in baptism, you were also raised with Him through faith produced within you by God who raised Him from among the dead". All the sudden the "This is you" thing started making sense. For the next couple of weeks I was in the presence of Deity, really, it was like He was in the room with me. Intense Joy had replaced the sadness and emptiness. Physical food became optional as I devoured the scriptures for several weeks and soon saw the "big picture" ie: creation being made subject to vanity - but only for a season, all of creation groaning for the manifestation of the Sons of God, The ultimate restitution of all things etc. I was still in a daze though, why me? I had been basically lazy and self serving my whole life, and yet this all knowing, supernatural ‘person’ is treating me like I was the best thing there ever was. IT MADE NO SENSE AT ALL! I realized one thing for sure: God is sovereign. He planned all this and has great plans for all of His creation, to bring all out of darkness and into His marvelous light. Just as the first Adam chose death for all mankind, Jesus, the last Adam, has now chosen life for all mankind, to be manifested in due time.



The other day while sharing on a forum, a participant used 2Cor 5:21 KJV in a treatise she had written. By the Spirit, I knew she didn't understand the true meaning of this scripture, as few have ever questioned the sloppy rendition found in most popular translations.

It hurt my heart to think how many ways God's most perfect sacrifice can be sullied. Then I again realized, how He has even sewn the errors in our Bibles, knowing it is for kings, in the making, to uncover Truth by the Spirit. I then began to search out an old writing by Preston Eby, in which he lays the record straight concerning this scripture. After much searching, I just could not find it. However in God's goodness last night, I stumbled across another article exposing the truth of the matter.

I pray that from now on, when you see this familiar verse, you will see the missing word "offering", which should be placed at the end of "sin". Let us ever hold high and pure God's sacrifice of His precious Son, Jesus. A Savior, in Whom sin never entered, for ever perfect was He!

Jesus Made Sin?
Though much can be said on the subject of sin, permit us to deal briefly with a specific aspect of the topic of sin, namely Jesus being made sin for us. A common translation states "For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him" (II Corth 5:21 KJV). In fact, there are other translations which state basically the same idea. Young's Literal states "make sin"; Moffatt reads "to be sin"; the Living Bible states "took sinless Christ and poured into him our sins"; and the Jerusalem states "made sinless one into sin". From these, many have come to the conclusion that Jesus BECAME sin. But is this really so? Does scripture teach such a doctrine?

First, let us state that there are other translations that would have us read the verse differently. The Williams quotes "He made Him who personally knew nothing of sin to be a sin-offering for us...". The Diaglott states "For Him who knew no Sin, he made a Sin-offering on our behalf...". Again, the Literal Concordant has "For the One not knowing sin, He makes to be a sin offering for our sakes...".

Secondly, many are familiar with the words of the Old Testament prophet Hosea "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge". However, only two verses later it states "They eat up the sin of my people, and they set their heart on their iniquity" (Hosea 4:8 KJV). It is a story of the priests eating the sin offering, yet the King James Version uses the word "sin" rather than "sin-offering". I have read that in Hebrew, the phrase "sin offering" is often called "sin". In other words, if we were speaking in that language and referring to the animal offering, we would refer to it as "sin" and all would know what was meant. Regarding the words of Hosea, it should be easy to understand that the priests did not eat up the SIN of the people but rather the sin-offering. So, as with this old testament verse, the same idea applies to II Corinthians 5:21 as Jesus was made a sin-offering and not made sin!

Thirdly, there are several other verses that bear witness to the fact that Jesus was without sin. Peter describes Jesus as a "lamb without blemish and without spot" (I Peter 1:19). The writer of Hebrews states "how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?" (Heb 9:14). A lamb without blemish? Without spot? Notice that neither apostle qualifies their statement that Jesus was without blemish or sin "except while hanging on the cross". Why? Because they said what they meant and meant what they said! He was without blemish, spot or sin, period. Without, never, not even once!!

Last, how can sin make atonement for sin? Can you do away with sin by offering up a sacrifice of sin? No beloved, the entire unregenerate race of mankind has been slave to sin and by nature was born into sin and shapen in iniquity. In accordance with Old Testament teachings, only a blameless sacrifice could atone for the sins of the people.

In conclusion, Jesus never became sin at any point in time and never in the eternal realm of spirit. To even think the thought that the sinless one was made into sin grieves my spirit. The doctrine of Jesus becoming sin is a terrible idea and contrary to sound biblical teaching. We pray that all who teach "Jesus becoming sin" consider what we had to say and adjust their theology accordingly.


Timothy D Carroll is a good brother and his writings can be found here:

THE GOOD PART, THE BEST PART .... "He is Enough!"

And Jesus answered and said unto her, "Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: but one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her." Luk 10:41,42

Some years ago, Joian and I would meet for the first time and share a most anointed time on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, located on Coronado Island. My new friend, and soon to become my best friend, while sitting in the sand, would converse and touch on the deepest things in God. However, we could not delve deeply into these things, for a sustaining foundation was being laid for our growing relationship. You might ask, what was that foundation? To which I would reply, "Jesus is enough .... He is more than enough." A number of the hardest questions were queried that day and in a most unique way, they were subconsciously answered without words. Instead the difficult quandaries were laid to rest by a flowing supernal peace, reserved only for the communion of the saints of the Most High God, with Jesus in their midst.

Later as months would pass, Joian and I would entertain the thought of marriage. We would pass over this idea however, with a recognition that such a union would detract from our growing relationship with our Lord and our imputed Spirit led quest to realize time alone with God. We had realized this quest was not only the better part but the very best part of our lives. I believe, even in the divine union of marriage, should we grow in God there will be the Holiest places, where each must lay husband or wife, children and friends upon the altar, to find, that God in Christ is enough, more than enough. For a certainty, one must experience the sacred sacrifice, of
the giving up of all one holds dear in this world to Him, no matter our state or vocation. And how amazing, that when a couple arrives at such a place of forsaking of all, including each other, they find the sacred marriage union between man and wife becomes what it could never be, beforehand. This is the principle of the multiple becoming One. And as it is with man and wife so it is also with Christ and His bride, the church. How truly wonderful is the great paradox of the Kingdom, where all must die, to live anew in Oneness with Him. This is for a surety, the path to Heaven on earth, where all that is Good is found enjoined within Him!

So it is today, that I share a message for those that might be struggling amidst a trial or tribulation. Whether single or with husband or wife, this message holds the deepest truth, one will ever find in the Kingdom and it is simply, "God in Christ, is enough. He is enough for every situation and every union. For even when all seems broken, tired, old and thrown askew, Jesus is able to pick up the pieces and put them together, anew. Even that, which seems as sure as dead, will bloom afresh with the full vibrancy of New Life. You might ask, "when will this be? What is the key to such glory?" I know of only one answer,"when we have come to the end of ourselves and to the end of all, that is about us. It is there, and only there, that we will learn, 'He is enough... more than enough.'" This I believe, is the deepest truth of all truths and should God have His hand on you, you will find yourself pulled into this Truth. And that Truth, above all truths, will carry you over every mountain and through every thing, this world can ever throw at you. The best part, is that once realized, this Truth ever grows as God brings other battered and pillaged souls to you and you are able to share the remedy to all that ails the tired and torn soul. God is good, He is good like that! Oh, to be able to share and even demonstrate such before my children, your children, and for that matter, all His children. This is our great commission, for which we were sent into this fallen world. To know and to proclaim and to demonstrate, JESUS IS ENOUGH!

With that said, as an introduction, please allow me to share a confirming word taken from Chip Brogden's devotional this morning. And to that, I would love to bless you with a couple of anointed songs, hoping you might lift your hands and praise Him, Who alone is worthy to be called "Enough".

In His Sweet Lord Jesus,

What is the "deeper Christian life"? It is nothing more and nothing less than Christ Himself. To be deep is to be simple, focused, and devoted to the One Thing that is needed But even here, some believers seek the deeper Christian life as a thing, a teaching, a certain way of acting spiritual. The "deeper life" becomes the goal instead of Christ as Life. They become profoundly mystical and spiritual, but it is death because they do not touch Christ, they touch spirituality. There is no life in spirituality, or mysticism, or religiosity; there is only Life in Christ. Anything less becomes a distraction.

I came to the Lord in the midst of the Charismatic movement. The emphasis was on Spirit-filled living, restoring spiritual gifts, the power of God, and so forth. We find no fault with walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. But what is the purpose of all this fullness? Why tongues, and prophetic words, and other spiritual gifts? Why the manifest power of God? All of these things are given us by the Lord to draw us deeper into Himself; to repeat, they are means to an End, but they are not the end, for the End, the Purpose, and the Reason for all things is Christ.


Of all the old mystic's writings that I have read, I found Fenelon's maxims, the clearest and most practical. Last night, I stumbled across a fellow by the name of Fred, who has made a friend of François Fénelon. Below Fred and Fenelon share some wonderful insights for our advancement in God. I have highlighted that which I thought exceptional. As a last note, if there be anything I would hope others to know, it would be, "seek the map maker instead of the map." So many fretting souls are about figuring out what's going to happen, when we can be satisfied to know "God is happening ...... and He is happening within our lives right now!"

1. The Presence precedes the plan.
For years younger people have asked me how they could know God's plan for their life. While reading Fénelon and other saints, I find they are not concerned with that question. Their concern is not with the plan but with the Presence. When we have a guide, we don't need a map. Without the Presence we attempt work for God instead of letting God work through us. Fénelon said: Put aside your self-interest and simply let God's will unfold around you. Everything he does for you is for your good. Worship him without having to know and see everything. Continue doing the good things that you do since you feel that you should and you can do them so easily. Be careful that all your extra energy does not lead you into trouble and, above all, live in the present moment and God will give you all the grace you need. He continues, Live your daily life out in the presence of God. He will give you all that you need. God's glory and his purpose are the end of all things. You will find happiness and salvation there but not as an end in itself. It is all for God.

2. Self-love is subtle.
"You will be tempted to speak out in a humble tone of voice to tell others of your problems. Watch out for this. A humility that is still talkative does not run very deep. When you talk too much, your self-love relieves his sense of shame a little."

Fénelon goes on to say: "Self love is proud of its spiritual accomplishments. You must lose everything to find God for himself alone. You won't begin to let go of yourself until you have been thrown off a cliff. He takes away to give back in a better way." "Self-interest and pride cause you to reject the gifts of God, because they do not come in a way that suits your taste. He asks for nothing but death, and you desire nothing but life." "Selfishly loving yourself shunts your spirit. You put yourself in a straitjacket when you are enclosed in self. When you come out of that prison you experience how immense God is and how he set his children free. Be humble. Do not trust the old nature."

He probes even deeper: So to strip self-love of its mask is the most humiliating punishment that can be inflicted. You see that you are no longer as wise, patient, polite, self-possessed, and courageous in sacrificing yourself for others as you had imagined. You are no longer fed by the belief that you need nothing. . . . You no longer think that your greatness and generosity deserve a better name than self-love. However, you are further tormented because you also weep and rage that you have cried at all. What your old nature fears the most is necessary for its destruction.

3. Suffering is useful.
Fénelon speaks of suffering as God's exercise program, his gymnasium: Suffering is necessary for all of us. You will be purified by dying to see your own desires and will. Let yourself die. You have excellent opportunities for this to happen. Don't waste them. . . . God never makes you suffer unnecessarily. He intends for your suffering to heal and purify you. The hand of God hurts you as little as it can. The yoke that God gives is easy to bear if you accept it without struggling to escape.

4. One test of relation with God is peace.
Fénelon recommended Guyon: "Encourage peace, become deaf to your overactive imagination. Your spinning imagination will harm your health and make your spiritual life very dry. You worry yourself sick for no good reason. Inner peace and the sweet presence of God are chased away by restlessness."

Or, consider, "Peace and comfort are to be found only in simple obedience. Remain at peace, for peace is what God wants for you no matter what is happening. There is in fact a peace of conscience which sinners should enjoy as they are repenting. Suffering should be peaceful and tempered with God's comfort."

And regarding the future: "Live in peace without worrying about the future. Unnecessary worrying and imagining the worst possible scenario will strangle your faith."

He warned "there never is peace in resisting God . . . . Allow yourself to be humble. If you are silent and peaceful when humiliating things happen to you, you will grow in grace." And "The point of trusting God is not to do great things that you can feel good about, but to trust God from a place of deep weakness. Here's a way to know if you are actually trusting God with something. You will not think about the matter any longer nor will you feel a lack of peace."

5. Silence brings blessings.
Fénelon: "Try to practice silence as much as general courtesy permits. Silence encourages God's presence, prevents harsh words, and causes you to be less likely to say something you will regret. Silence also helps you put space between you and the world. Out of the silence that you cultivate you will get strength to meet your needs."

6. Growth and change are the work of the cross.
Fénelon has helped me to think of the work of the cross--redemption--as the constant tension of growth and change as the old nature gives way to the new. It is a process that starts with the new birth and ends at the close of our earthly journey, by which time we are hopefully more mature in the likeness of Christ.

Fénelon said to Mme. Guyon, "Bear your cross. Do you know what this means? Learn to see yourself as you are and accept your weakness until it pleases God to heal you. If you die a little every day of your life, you won't have too much to worry about on your final day."

Then with assurance he says, "You and I are nothing without the cross. I agonize and cry when the cross is working within me, but when it is over I look back in admiration for what God has accomplished. Of course I am then ashamed I bore it so poorly."

7. The focused life is the simple life.
"Our hidden agendas can poison the simplicity of a situation. The desire to do a work for God is simple enough, but I greatly complicate it when I add the hidden agenda of wanting to be recognized and appreciated while doing it."

8. Give grace to yourself and others.
I can almost hear Fénelon say, "Lighten up." He wrote: "Do not be surprised to find yourself overly sensitive, impatient, proud, and self-willed. Realize that this is your natural disposition. Bear with yourself, but do not flatter yourself into thinking you are better than you are but wait on God's timing to transform it. Stop at once when your activities become too hurried."

Madame Guyon, a rich and beautiful widow and close friend of Fénelon, woke many souls to share her love for God. For this she was vilified, harassed, imprisoned, and her writings condemned. Fénelon stood by her at great personal cost.

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