"Therefore, God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father" Phil 2:9-11

How often of late I have been led to repeat the phrase, "just Jesus ...... just Jesus." As so many today attempt to broaden the path to God, it is paramount that we discern the messages and messengers that subtly lift man up and lower Jesus. I learned in the first weeks of my walk the preeminence of Jesus Christ and it has served me well. How often I can recall the older mature saints saying to me, "Jack, it is all about Jesus." Now today, thirty five years later I can boldly proclaim, "it is all about Jesus ..... just Jesus!"

Today I shared a message on a forum where one was chiding me for my use of the phrase, "just Jesus," I copied that message below that it might encourage you to proclaim to the world,
"it's all about Jesus ..... just Jesus!"

Oh, how I appreciate and love Him tonight,


_ _ _ _ , my friend, I think you do not understand my theology behind the simple "Just Jesus" phrase used to proclaim Jesus as the Father inside the realm of the eons. This old message might help you to see where you and others belittle Jesus by drawing such contrast between the Father and the Son ....... same God just different manifestations. Please know I do not care about the "J" or the "e" or the "s" or the "u" or the "s" in "Jesus". I care about understanding and experiencing the Personage that died for me, washed my sins away by shedding His blood and then sent His Spirit to live and work in me. It is this which separates my God from the God of the Hindus, Buddhists and the myriad of other religions.

When all in creation is subdued and Christ's work is done and there is only the subject of God, All in All, there will be no need for God manifest as Christ any longer. Jesus Christ is the expression of God the Father within the confines of time and space of this world. From Genesis to Revelation it is always Christ that appears as God. Jesus beyond the eons is the Father. "Jesus has a dual nature. He is both Spirit and flesh, God and man, Father and Son."

There is much to argue as to Trinity vs. Oneness and thus I believe it takes Divine revelation to see the Truth of the matter ....... just a good ol' "knowing" in your spirit. This message, that gives credence to Jesus being the Father, is one of the best I have read.
"Hear O Israel, Yaweh is our God. Yaweh is one" (Deut. 6:4).

There is only one God. This is the emphatic teaching of the Old Testament. The Jews were the people who knew their God if anyone did (John 4:22), and they had no concept of persons within the Godhead. In the book of Isaiah God makes some very strong statements which I believe do not allow for a Trinitarian understanding. In Isaiah 44:6&8 God makes the statement, "I am the first and I am the last, And there is no God besides Me . . . Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any." Could scripture be any plainer than this? In verse 24 he states, "I, the LORD, am the maker of all things, Stretching out the heavens by Myself And spreading out the earth all alone." If language means anything then "by Myself" and "alone" mean that there was no other person present. If God is not claiming that he is absolutely one here, then what stronger language would one suggest to convey this? Why would God be so emphatic about oneness, if in reality he were three persons? Would not these statements be misleading? In the next chapter he states, "I am the LORD, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God. . . . That men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun That there is no one besides Me. I am the LORD, and there is no other, The One forming light and creating darkness, Causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the LORD who does all these" (Isa. 45:5-7). Once again, if God were really three persons, could he use such emphatic language as this? If we take this to be one of the members of the Trinity speaking here, would it be honest for him to say, "There is no one besides Me?" Would he not be forced to admit that there are indeed two other persons in the Godhead? In 46:9 God says, "Remember the former things long past, For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me." In this statement, there is one person speaking (notice the singular pronouns) and that singular person says that there is no one like him. I do not see how it is possible to see a Trinity in these passages.

Surely the coming of Christ did not in any way compromise this strict Monotheism taught in the Old Testament. There is only one God. That God is our father. If Jesus is that God then Jesus is our father. As to his deity, Jesus Christ is God the Father.

Isa 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

I Corinthians 8:6 tells us that, "to us there is but one God, the Father." There is no God outside of the Father. So in the sense that Jesus is that God, then Jesus is the Father. Malachi 2:10 asks the question "Have we not all one Father? hath not one God created us?" So we all have one Father, and our Father is God. The reason we call God our Father is because he created us. John 1:3, Colossians 1:16 and Hebrews 1:2 tell us that all things were created by Jesus, thereby making him our Father.

In John 10:30 Jesus said, "I and my Father are one." Does that mean that they are one in unity? Well, I ask if that was all he meant then why did the Jews pick up stones to stone him? (v. 31) In fact, Jesus asks them why (v. 32), and they answered him, "because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God" (v. 33). They understood this as claiming to be God, not claiming to be in accordance with him. So if "I and the Father are one" means "I am God", then he must be God the Father.

I could give many scriptures to show that Jesus is indeed God, but here are a few more that show that he is specifically the Father (who is the only God, Mal 2:10; I Cor 8:6).

David Bernard illustrates:
1. Jesus said that He would send the comforter to us (John 16:7), but He also said the Father would send the comforter (John 14:26).
2. The Father alone can draw men to God (John 6:44), yet Jesus said He would draw all men (John 12:32).
3. Jesus will raise up all believers in the last day (John 6:40), yet God the Father quickens (gives life to) the dead and will raise us up (Romans 4:17; I Corinthians 6:14).
4. Christ is our sanctifier (Ephesians 5:26), yet the Father sanctifies us (Jude 1).

We can easily understand all of this if we realize that Jesus has a dual nature. He is both Spirit and flesh, God and man, Father and Son.
Finally, I would like to look at a passage in Revelation 21, which clearly indicates that Jesus is the Father. Starting at verse 5 it reads: And He who sits on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new [we are made new by being in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17)]." And He said, "Write, for these words are faithful and true [in Rev. 3:14 and 19:11 Jesus is called "faithful and true"]." 6 Then He said to me, "It is done. [compare to John 19:30, "it is finished"] I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. [In the very next chapter Jesus says this same thing, 22:13-16] I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost [Jesus gives the water of life, John 4:10-14; Rev. 7:17]. 7 He who overcomes [Jesus spoke these words seven times to each of the seven churches in the beginning of this epistle, 2:7,11,17,26;3:5,12,21] will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son" (emphasis added). Everything in this passage points towards Jesus as the speaker, yet at the end of the passage we realize that it is God the Father.

As our Lord said elsewhere, "These things I have spoken to you in figurative language; an hour is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figurative language, but will tell you plainly of the Father" (John 16:25). Or as Zechariah the prophet said, "And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one" (Zech. 14:9).
(William Arnold III)

My friend, if you do not like the name of "Jesus" I'll give you the liberty to use any of these names below that reflect the many facets of His wonderful nature. For me, an English speaking gent, the name, "Jesus" reflects the whole of God's nature.


"Therefore, God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father" (Philippians 2:9-11)

Advocate (1 John 2:1)
Almighty (Rev. 4:8)
Alpha and Omega (Rev. 1:8)
Amen (Rev. 3:14)
Ancient of Days (Dan. 7:9)
Angel of his presence (Is.63:9)
Anointed (Psalm 45:7)
Apostle of our Confession (Heb. 3:1)
Arm of The Lord (Is. 51:9-10)
Author and finisher of our faith (Heb. 12:2)
Author of Eternal Salvation (Heb. 5:9)
Author of Salvation (Heb. 2:10)
Babe (Luke 2:16)
Banner To The People (Is. 11:10)
Beginning and End (Rev. 21:6)
Beloved (Eph 1:6)
Beloved of God (Matt. 12:18)
Beloved Son (Mark 1:11)
Branch (Zech 3:8)
Branch of Righteousness (Jer. 23:5)
Bread (John 6:41)
Bread of life (John 6:35)
Bridegroom (John 3:29)
Bright and morning star (Rev. 22:16)
Brightness of the Father's glory (Heb. 1:3)
Carpenter (Mark 6:3)
Carpenter's son (Matt. 13:55)
Chief Cornerstone (Mark 12:10)
Chief Shepherd (1 Peter 5:4)
Child (Is. 9:6)
Child Jesus (Luke 2:27)
Chosen of God (1 Peter 2:4)
Christ, The (Acts 9:22)
Christ A King (Luke 23:2)
Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:2)}
Christ Jesus our Lord (Rom. 8:39)
Christ of God (Luke 9:20)
Christ the Lord (Luke 2:11)
Christ the power of God (1 Cor. 1:24)
Christ the Son of the Blessed (Mark 14:61)
Commander (Is. 55:4)
Consolation of Israel (Luke 2:25)
Corner stone (Mark 12:10)
Counselor (Is. 9:6)
Covenant of the People (Is. 42:6) Dayspring (Luke 1:78)
Day star (2 Peter 1:19)
Deity (Col. 2:9)
Deliverer (Rom. 11:26)
Desire of all Nations (Hag. 2:7)
Diadem (Is. 28:5)
Door (John 10:2)
Door of the Sheepfold (John 10:1)
Emmanuel (Matt. 1:23)
Eternal life (1 John 5:20)
Everlasting Father (Is. 9:6)
Faithful and True (Rev. 19:11)
Faithful witness (Rev 1:5)
Finisher of faith (Heb. 12:2)
Firmly Placed Foundation (Is. 28:16)
First and last (Rev. 22:13)
Firstborn (Heb 1:6)
Firstborn from the dead (Col. 1:18)
Firstborn of the dead (Rev 1:5)
Firstborn of Creation (Col. 1:15)
Firstborn among many brethren (Rom. 8:29)
First Fruits (1 Cor. 15:23)
First and Last (Rev. 22:13)
Forerunner (Heb 6:20)
Foundation (Is. 28:16)
Friend of sinners (Luke 7:34)
God (John 20:28)
God Blessed Forever (Rom 9:5)
God of Israel (Is. 45:15)
God our Savior (1 Tim. 2:3)
God with us (Matt. 1:23)
Good Master (Mark 10:17)
Great God (Titus 2:13)
Great High Priest (Heb 4:14)
Great Shepherd of the sheep (Heb. 13;20)
Head, even Christ (Eph. 4:15)
Head over all (Col. 2:10)
Head of every man (1 Cor. 11:3)
Head of the body (Col. 1:18)
Head over all things (Eph 1:22)
Heir of all things (Heb. 1:2)
High priest (Heb. 4:14)
His beloved Son (Col. 1:13)
Holy one (1 John 2:20)
Holy and Just One (Acts 3:14)
Holy One of God (Luke 4:34)
Holy One of Israel (Is. 37:23)
Holy Servant (Acts 4:27)
Hope of Glory (Col. 1:27)
Horn of salvation (Luke 1:69)
Husband (2 Cor. 11:2)
I Am (John 8:58)
Image of God (2 Cor. 4:4)
Image of the invisible God (Col. 1:15)
Immanuel (Is. 7:14)
Jesus (Luke 1:31)
Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:3)
Jesus Christ our Lord (Rom. 6:23)
Jesus Christ our Savior (Titus 3:6)
Jesus of Nazareth (Luke 24:19)
Jesus, the Son of God (Heb. 4:14)
Jesus, the Son of Joseph (Luke 3:23)
Judge of Israel (Mic. 5:1)
Judge of the living and the dead (Acts 10:42)
Just man (Matt. 27:19)
King (John 12:13)
King Eternal (1 Tim. 1:17)
King of Glory (Psalm 24:7)
King of Israel (John 12:13)
King of Kings (1 Tim. 6:15)
King of the Jews (Matt. 27:37)
King of Zion (Zech. 9:9)
Lamb (Rev. 13:8)
Lamb of God (John 1:36)
Leader (Is. 55:4)
Life (John 14:6)
Light (John 1:9)
Light of the Gentiles (Acts 13:47)
Light of the world (John 9:5)
Lily of the valleys (Song 2:1)
Lion of the tribe of Judah (Rev. 5:5)
Living bread (John 6:51)
Living stone (1 Pet. 2:4)
Lord (John 21:7)
Lord Christ (Col. 3:24)
Lord God Almighty (Rev. 4:8)
Lord Jesus (Acts 19:17)
Lord Jesus Christ (2 Thess. 2:1)
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Pet. 2:20)
Lord both of dead and living (Rom. 14:9)
Lord of all (Rom. 10:12)
Lord of Glory (1 Cor. 2:8)
Lord of Hosts (Is. 54:5)
Lord of lords (1 Tim. 6:15)
Lord of Sabbath (Luke 6:5)
Lord our righteousness (Jer. 23:6)
Lord your redeemer (Is. 43:14)
Lord, mighty in battle (Psalm 24:8-10)
Majestic Lord (Is. 33:21)
Man of sorrows (Is. 53:3)
Master (Luke 7:40)
Mediator (Heb. 12:24)
Messenger of the covenant (Mal. 3:1)
Messiah (John 4:25-26)
Mighty God (Is. 9:6)
Mighty One (Psalm 45:3)
Mighty One of Jacob (Is. 60:16)
Minister of the circumcision (Rom. 15:8)
Minister of the sanctuary (Heb. 8:1-2)
Morning star (Rev. 22:16)
Nazarene (Matt. 2:23)
Only begotten of the Father (John 1:14)
Only begotten Son (John 1:18)
Only wise God (1 Tim. 1:17)
Our Passover (1 Cor. 5:7)
Our Peace (Eph. 2:14)
Physician (Luke 4:23)
Power of God (1 Cor. 1:24)
Precious corner stone (1 Pet. 2:6)
Priest (Heb. 5:6)
Prince (Acts 5:31)
Prince of life (Acts 3:15)
Prince of peace (Is. 9:6)
Prophet (Deut. 18:15)
Propitiation (Rom. 3:25)
Purifier and refiner (Mal. 3:3)
Rabbi (John 6:25)
Rabboni (John 20:16)
Ransom (1 Tim. 2:6)
Redeemer (Is. 59:20)
Resurrection and the life (John 11:25)
Righteous judge (2 Tim. 4:8)
Righteous servant (Is. 53:11)
Rock (1 Cor. 10:4)
Rock of offense (Rom. 9:33)
Rod from the stem of Jesse (Is. 11:1)
Root of David (Rev. 22:16)
Root of Jesse (Is. 11:10)
Rose of Sharon (Song 2:1)
Ruler in Israel (Matt. 2:6)
Ruler over the kings of the earth (Rev. 1:5)
Salvation (Luke 2:30)
Savior (1 Tim. 4:10)
Savior Jesus Christ (2 Pet. 2:20)
Savior our God (Titus 1:3)
Savior of the world (1 John 4:14)
Scepter out of Israel (Num. 24:17)
Second Man (1 Cor. 15:47)
Seed of David (John 7:42)
Seed of the woman (Gen. 3:15)
Shepherd (John 10:11)
Shepherd and Overseer of souls (1 Pet. 2:25)
Son of the Blessed (Mark 14:61)
Son of David (Matt. 9:27)
Son of God (Rom. 1:4)
Son of Man (Acts 7:56)
Son of Mary (Mark 6:3)
Son of the Father (2 John 3)
Son of the Highest (Luke 1:32)
Sower (Matt. 13:3)
Star out of Jacob (Num. 24:17)
Stone (Dan 2:45)
Stone rejected (Luke 20:17)
Stone of stumbling (Rom. 9:32-33)
Sun of righteousness (Mal. 4:2)
Teacher from God (John 3:2)
Tried Stone (Is. 28:16)
True vine (John 15:1)
Truth (John 14:6)
Unspeakable Gift (2 Cor. 9:15)
Way (John 14:6)
Wonderful (Is. 9:6)
Word (1 John 1:1)
Word of God (Rev. 19:13)
Word of life (1 John 1:1)

"Just Jesus" is good enough for me.

The other day I asked God why do you have me write on this forum and in other places. He said, "when you write you worship Me and I inhabit your praise."
I believe Jesus has come to you today,



In the last half year we have observed many enter into the New Age/New Tolerance realm of apostasy by taking a first step of discounting the Old Testament and it's types and shadows of Jesus Christ. Jesus our Lord and Saviour is the fulfillment of every Old Testament type and every Old Covenant shadow. He is the Reality of the type and the very Substance that casts the shadow. Jesus tells us Himself in the Gospel of Matthew that He is not only the fulfillment of the Old Testament Mosaic Law and the Old Testament prophets but the embodiment of the smallest letter and stroke of the pen used to record the Law and the Prophets.

Matt 5:17 Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. 19 Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20 For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.

So what does the subtle serpent, who is the enemy of our soul, choose to do. He does not outright brazenly discount Jesus, the fulfilment of the Old Covenant. Instead in all beguiling subtly this Antichrist spirit discounts the types and shadows of the Old Testament, knowing if they fall there can be no fulfillment, which Jesus be. This is but the beginning and that which we might describe as, for many, the first step down the slippery slope of apostasy. Sadly after this first step more are often taken to where Jesus becomes less than the Son of God. This sad slide can even culminate with the loss of belief in God altogether. We have seen this too many times.

Our dear friend Rebecca Cardinal is one like us, as she finds herself called to sound a clarion warning about the discounting of the Old Testament. Card, as we like to call her, has a unique and wondrous gift of seeing deeply into the Old Testament types and shadows and illustrating how they proclaim our Saviour and Lord, Christ Jesus.

I took a few excerpts (adding my headings) from some messages by Cardinal that Joian and I have enjoyed. Although short her words are pregnant with truth and worth meditating on. I pray this blesses you to see how magnificently the Old Testament, the Law, and the Prophets all point to Jesus. I hope also that in these messages you hear the sweet song of Cardinal as she gives praise to our God and His Precious Son, Jesus.

Jack & Joian

"When you pray for deliverance for someone, you are, spiritually speaking, applying the blood of the Lamb that was slain (spirit of Christ) to the door posts (sides = works of hands/lust of flesh) and overhead (carnal mind = lust of the eyes) so that the angel of death will passover them, ie. not take their firstborn = die.

We tend to think of death as a one time event, but it is also a culmination of choices with the wrong spiritual root. Death is like the ocean, and if you took some water out of it every day, sooner or later, you'd have dry land to walk across. The Spirit came upon Him like a dove because the waters of death had finally receded from off the face/nature of man, and she found a dry place to put her foot, and she's even in the process of bringing an olive branch back into the Ark again.

First born of the flesh, then the spirit. Those things that are delivered from them are death, ie. death-producing because they come not from the Spirit which is life or Christ-producing. This is essentially what I have been trying to explain in various ways, that if it is not building up or edifying to the body of Christ which is Spirit and which is in us, then it is producing more death in our mortal bodies thru sin, ie. missing the mark, the mind of Christ. So instead of being quickened to move in the Spirit, it slows us down, further and further.

A humorous comment the Lord made to me one time, illustrates this. I have always kinda rocked back and forth when I am standing praying for someone. It just seems natural to me to do it, and I was thinking about this one day as I was preparing to pray for someone, pondering why. Just then, He broke into my ruminations over this trait, and said, "Don't worry about it. What don't move is dead."

Now take that into the understanding of the Spirit I shared above and do we really want to slow ourselves down with things that do not quicken more life to our mortal bodies? As for me and my "house", we will serve the Lord. Blessings to all....... (Card)

It is the Spirit that resurrects the Word that is letter or natural, and if it does not resurrect it, then it doesn't matter if it's "truth" or not, it will not add one cubit to the stature of the measure of the fullness of Christ (Card)

I can imagine someone going up to Jesus and telling Him not to believe in the Torah, the law and the prophets, because His Father didn't write it, evil men did, and why are You quoting from it anyway?

When He stood up in the temple and quoted Isaiah, to our minds that are used to anybody and everybody the pastor brings in, getting up and speaking behind the pulpit, it just looked like He felt like speaking that day, and letting them know Who He was. What He was actually doing was something the Jews knew well. He was reading a portion of scripture from the Torah scrolls, as a rabbi would when formally accepting a position of leadership in that Temple.

Notice the validity of the scrolls that gives it, that the "new sheriff" in town is using the same scrolls as the old, which would be why He said He came not to destroy the law but to fulfill it.

Matt. 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. 18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. 19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

There are two things here I think you fail to see. One, when Jesus was saying, you have heard it said, but I say.......that didn't mean He was saying the literal law was wrong or that what they did under the old covenant in being literal, was wrong, because they didn't interpret it spiritually. There's no way they could have interpreted it spiritually, because it was not given to them to do so, because their part was to CARRY THE ARK, NOT BECOME THE ARK.

The potter does with the clay as HE pleases, and it pleased Him to have them play a different part in the unfolding of His grand plan of the ages, and the same could be said for those that played the parts of the enemies. We have no "rights", we are the created, not the Creator, and He can do with us as He chooses, or not as He chooses, who is man that He should be mindful of us? We are as the grass that withereth.

The new covenant is spiritual. The old covenant was not written for THEM to take it spiritually, they were used to create the natural pattern. The pattern is not the Spirit, but is as the "bones" or framework, which is why it was said not a BONE of His was broken. Essentially, when you discard the bones, you have a body that CAN'T STAND UPRIGHT, and no framework for Him to "hang" His spiritual "flesh" on, and besides that, just as blood is created out of the marrow in the natural, the life of the Spirit comes from out of the BONES. For Jesus to be able to show forth the life hidden in the bones, He first had to have them Himself. After all, He didn't have any red letter NT around to go by.

Saying the "bones" are all wrong, doesn't cut it either, because He has a body to manifest that needs bones and I'm pretty sure He made sure they were all here to accomplish His will. For who goes to build and does not count the cost? Certainly not the Father. The SPIRIT of the LORD that was on Elijah who was prophesying about OUR DAY, didn't say, "Lord, it looks like to me there's a few bones too many or a few are missing."

Second, do you all realize the reason the Son was sent? The core reason was that the OT covenant demanded DEATH FOR DISOBEDIENCE. Not just for the Jews, but for the whole world. For God so loved the WORLD.......remember? The OT covenant was a pattern God established to teach men what righteousness and holiness looked like, and what the penalty for not living up to that pattern, brought.

God brought Him because without Him He was going to have to wipe us off the face of the earth, else God is a liar and God cannot lie. God is not a covenant breaker, man is. This is why the Jews expected Him to come as warrior King, not a suffering servant. Jesus Christ was our "day of atonement" sacrifice, for ALL men, which means ALL men were under the law whether they realized it or not, or did you never notice in there that they had to circumcise their WHOLE HOUSE, even the servants? Which means God had a "legal" right, to wipe them all out for disobedience, and as HE dictates what is sin and since ALL SINNED and came short of the glory of the Lord, then the penalty was just, no matter how it was carried out. The gentiles were grafted in to receive the blessings of the new covenant. They were grafted in, because they were already "cursed" by being outside the covenant, and Jesus came to reverse the curses, ON EVERYONE.

I think the focus in this day is not in trying to tear down foundation that has already been laid which will come to naught anyway, but to begin to ask Him to help you to build UPON that foundation by revealing the life that is contained in the "bones", that HIS BODY which is Spirit, might be SEEN. This, in essence, is why I cannot agree with those of you that believe this way, though I wholeheartedly agree with your right to. My Blessings to all.........

"Who established the consequences of the COVENANT that brought death to all men, ie. if thou eat of it in that day ye shall surely die? "Evil" God or evil man? If evil man had the power to create a consequence that had never existed prior to that, then worship him.

If "evil" God, why do you not revile Him for bringing death on ALL mankind as a consequence for breaking the first covenant He tried to establish? Why limit your scope by bemoaning the fate of a few thousands He took out sooner rather than later, when you can take up an even greater cause for ALL mankind, and really tell Him what His "true" nature is.

I guess there must have been some "evil" man telling Adam in the garden that he didn't hear God right on that death thing........

First time I've ever quoted myself, but since the original incident of God originating, creating and bringing death upon man, was not addressed and as it is the root of the of matter.........I'd like to resubmit it for your consideration. How does this jive with your concept of a "good" God? Or could it be that death is not evil or unrighteous if One uses it righteously? It may come as a shock to you, but God is not against killing. He is against US killing. HE kills and makes alive.

He has a problem with us doing it for one reason. The motive of the heart. Ours is wrong. His is right. God is the only one that kills and it be righteousness for one simple reason. He's the only one that can raise them up, because He has a pure motive. God is the only one that can take evil (the cross) and use it to create good, ie. bring life out of death. So God could order the death of all those people, just like He did with the flood of Noah, and it STILL be righteousness, just as He ordained the death of His only begotten Son on the cross .....

So yes, it still has to do with the blood and the cross, just not the outward one that was displayed that all generations might "see" it. In this, He was the firstfruits of many brethren, who themselves are not going to a literal Roman cross experience, yet He told us to pick up our cross and follow Him.

There is no way around the cross, nor the shedding of blood, for without blood there is no remission for sins. The real question is whose blood and whose flesh is it, since the sin offering was never eaten, but burned. The power IS in the blood, but that blood is Spirit, and His Spirit is power. And the power of the resurrection is love, the love that lays down it's life on the cross that He might live.

Part of the problem I think is that there are 2 veils, 2 deaths, but only one resurrection is being taught, so it becomes extremely confusing to place what is being seen within the framework, particularly if one pitches the framework to begin with.

This the cross of our "flesh", that we lay down our souls upon the altar, ie. our mind, will, emotions, and desires being tied to the 4 corners of the altar with cords of love that cannot be broken. It's wanting to think as He thinks, wanting His perfect will above all, subjecting the emotions to the heart of the Father, and bringing all desires into the captivity of Christ, until your desires are His desires. And allowing Him to consume them all with fire-y trials of His Spirit.

This is making of ourselves a living sacrifice, by coming thru this veil of our flesh being "rent" in the outer court part of the pattern. No greater love has any man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend. For our ashes He gives us beauty, the beauty of Christ. This is why there are those who were redeemed from every tribe, kindred and nation UNDER the altar in Revelation, asking how long before our brethren are "killed" as we were. And this is not an instantaneous thing that happens the moment we turn to Him, it is a process of our decreasing, that He might increase.

And then as He increased in us, the day came when we had to let Him go to the altar, laying down all that HE was in us and thru us, taking on the image of sinful flesh again that in losing our life we might find it. That He might offer up His kingdom in us to the Father. This is why when Herod (a type of the carnal mind) was killing all those sons that were 2 years (2 days/2000 years) and under, Joseph was told to take the baby and go back into Egypt, a type of the flesh to preserve his life. Well, all the sons have been told to go into Egypt again, taking on the image of sinful flesh; that's what we're all doing out here in the wilderness of what appears to be sin, all of us "backslidden heretics." Yet His life will be preserved.

And better yet, when the veil of HIS flesh, which is Spirit is rent, the Father, who was in CHRIST which is Spirit, reconciling all men unto Himself, shall suddenly come and inhabit His temple, descending from the Holy of Holies into and filling the first 2 realms. The inner court is not done away with, it is fulfilled. The outer court is not done away with, it is fulfilled. No longer a tabernacle of Moses standing only but a tabernacle of David also, making of twain, one new man. Father I pray that you make us one, even as You and I are one. Whom He calls, He justifies, whom He justifies, He glorifies. Blessings to all.... (Card)

We ask you to pray for our precious Cardinal,
that she be strengthened in body and soul.
It seems for months she has been worse
than not feeling well. We pray our Lord
grant her healing and a refreshing respite.

I am not

I have been writing of and hopefully exposing this foul and self serving "I AM" spirit that pervades so much of this mixed New Age/Christian movement. As so often happens when my heart is stayed on Jesus the Holy Spirit will lay the most amazing things in my lap that confirm to me that I am on the right path. So it was yesterday as I challenged the "I AM'ers" on a forum I have been frequenting lately. As I was searching my old files for something totally unrelated to any forum, I ran across this which beautifully contrasts this counterfeit "I AM" the New Age camp embraces. While many of these misguided souls proclaim their own Godship, free of Jesus Christ, the words of this centuries old hymn illustrate perfectly my present view. I know many of you will also identify with these words, as we are coming to "naught" that "Christ be All." How far this is from the place where self and soul proclaim "I AM."


"I Am Not"

"I am not;" O words unwelcome
To the lips of men
"I am not;" O words that lead us
Back to God again!

Speech of him who knows the pathway
To that refuge sweet,
Where is covert from the tempest,
Shadow from the heat.

Speech of Heaven, from wise men hidden,
Unto children taught;
Few the words of that great lesson,
Only "I am not."

Heart of man, another language
Is thy native speech,
Spoken by a thousand races,
All alike in each.

"I am,"rich, or wise, or holy
"Thus, and thus am I;"
For "I am," men live and labour,
For "I am," they die.

For "I am," men dare and suffer,
Count all loss as gain,
Toil and weariness and bondage,
Sin and grief and pain.

In the blessed Gospel read we
How a rich man bade
Christ the Lord and His disciples
To a feast he made.

Well it was to feed the prophet;
Thus the rich man thought,
But amidst his wealth and bounty
Lacked he "I am not."

Then there came a sinful woman,
Eyes with weeping dim
"I am not," her heart was saying
She had looked on Him.

He beheld her broken-hearted,
Ruined and undone,
Yet enthroned above the angels
Brighter than the Sun.

All the while in dust before Him
Did her heart adore,
"I am not," that song of gladness
"Thou art, evermore."

For His heart to hers had spoken,
To His wandering lamb;
In the speech of Love Eternal,
He had said "I AM."

Now she thirsts no more for ever,
All she would is given;
None on earth hath she beside Him,
None beside in Heaven.

Oh how fair that heavenly portion,
That eternal lot;
Christ, and Christ alone, for ever
Ever "I am not."
(Henry Suso)
"There are but two truths and only two; the "all" and the "nothing." Everything else is a falsity. (Guyon)


"In those days there was no king in Israel. Every man did what was right in his own eyes." Judges 17:6

I was a twelve years old and going to a small Catholic School in Waikiki, Hawaii when I first met Don. Don was a young college graduate enjoying some time in the islands after college and before he got down to the seriousness of taking on a career. He was also the coolest guy I had ever met in my life up to that point. When he wasn't hanging out on the beach he worked as an ice cream vendor pushing his ice cream cart around town. Now being the resourceful type, Don always parked his cart outside the school yard and at the last bell each day, he was ready to meet any and all that had a hankerin for ice cream and a loose dime in their pocket.

Well it also, so happened that I lived with my family across the street from a grade school a few blocks away from St Augustine's which I attended. This grade school let out a half our later than my school and Don would roll his cart the three blocks to ply his tasty wares to the next batch of hungry kids. Because we took the same route, it came about that we got to talking and became fast friends; me with a thousand questions and the ice cream man with all the answers. He also liked to throw and catch the football so that added to our daily repertoire.

At this same time I was learning to surf and on weekends I would often run into Don down at the beach where he always seemed to have a number of cute coeds keeping him company. Now entering puberty and possessing a tidal wave of hormones surging through me I was just learning to appreciate the ladies. I mean, forget the girls my age, it was these beautiful full grown woman that fascinated me and they all seemed to love the ice cream man. It didn't take long to put it together that this ice cream gig Don had was the ticket. I mean the young kids all loved him but more importantly all the ladies did too. Yes, for the first time in my life I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be a "Good Humor Man", which for you that might be vocabulary challenged or too young, is the formal term for ..... you guessed it, "ice cream man."

Now I wonder what in the world I am telling this dumb story for, when I meant to address this New Age craziness invading Christendom today. Oh, yeah this story is about "anarchy" .......and now I'm a little worried if I'll ever be able to make the transition from the ice cream man to the serious theological material I originally had in mind. Well we'll see as I'm now too far into this to punt now.

Okay, so back to the story and hopefully there will be a tie-in to the subject of "anarchy." To complete the background for the conclusion of my ice cream man story, I must tell you that my father was a stodgy and stiff Naval Officer and he prided himself on being highly educated, gently reared, a man of fine breeding. And wow! did he and I clash, and our differences only got worse with each succeeding year. So my dad, the respected Commander, liked to entertain other high ranking military officers and also important civilian dignitaries at the house, when he was home on shore duty. Of course he would make it a point to introduce me to his high-falutin' pals and almost always these guys would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. You got it, I told these ambitious geezers I wanted to be an "ice cream man." Oh my! Oh lord! did my Dad ever enjoy that ....... not! He would turn beet red with embarrassment and anger every time I gave this ill conceived response to his inquiring buddies. But I loved it. I loved his reaction so much that I got to where I wouldn't even wait for the familiar question. I would just tell 'em, "I'm Jack and when I grow up I'm going to be an ice cream man."

You see, I had "anarchy" in my heart and that anarchist spirit would grow in me for another dozen years or so. And oh, the stories I could tell of the crazed events I perpetrated and participated in. Thank God, I also had a humorous and fun loving spirit that kept most of my zany endeavors from ever costing me much more than a week in jail or getting thrown out of a school or two.

This brings me to some more foolishness and I speak of the spiritual hijinx of these rebellious New Agers that have of late been mounting their assault on Christ and His Kingdom. In closing this message I am going to liken their present activities with another anarchist and his gang. And yes, at one time this zany fellow was also a hero of mine (lol). We'll get to this character and his chaos in just a moment, but first lets look at a couple of recent events that makes me shake my head and say, "this is nothing new; it's the same anarchist spirit that was in me, now manifesting itself a half century later."

So a week ago I watched a recent video clip of Eckhart Tolle demonstrating to Oprah and her millions the technique of his breathing meditation. I can only assume that upon watching this demonstration on live TV or video clip , out of curiosity, one had to try this technique themselves. I did, and the only conclusion I came to was, "yep I got that same old wheezy chronic asthma condition I have had since I was two and it's hell." Well, I know this particular Oprah event has possibly been sensationalized by some as they term it a "mass trance. " That may be going a bit far but then again, maybe not. I'll let you decide.

Okay, so along with the reports of Oprah's "mass trance" we, also at the same time, have this event which is associated with this new "Moses Code" that is thrilling many of these purple kool-aid drinking cosmic religionists. This below is the bulletin I copied announcing a recent peace vigil.

Peace Vigil
On April 6th at 12 PM Eastern (9:00am Pacific) hundreds of thousands of people around the world will focus the Moses Code vibration onto the Old City of Jerusalem, what we are calling a “virtual hug” of the Old City, to help awaken its Divine Destiny as the City of Peace. There are two ways that you can participate.

1. If you have access to a computer during the vigil, simply click on the provided link to listen to a specially prepared meditation presented by James Twyman. This meditation integrates the Moses Code frequency described by Jonathan Goldman at the end of the Moses Code book. The recording is 21 minutes long, and we suggest that when it ends simply continue chanting the “I AM THAT, I AM” until the hour is up.

2. Print off these instructions if you are not near a computer to listen to the recording.

The focus of this meditation is to use the Moses Code to enliven and awaken the destiny of Jerusalem. For thousands of years Jerusalem has been in conflict, and yet many prophets have claimed that it will someday initiate peace throughout the world. If you’ve seen the movie or read the book then you already know the chant using the name of God given to Moses at the burning bush. If not, then here is a simple explanation.

1. Create the emotion of peace within your heart. You may choose to remember a time in your life when you experienced great peace, or you may imagine the people of Jerusalem living together in complete harmony.

2. As you hold onto this emotion and energy say the words “I AM THAT” as you breathe out. Then as you breathe in either say or think the words “I AM.” This is the name God gave Moses at the burning bush, and the chant unlocks the power in the name to manifest and to heal.

3. Imagine yourself standing outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem as you chant the name. If you watched the movie you’ll remember the scene of thousands of people chanting there. See yourself in the group, and offer your energy and love through the Code.

Chant the Moses Code for the hour, and feel the energy of hundreds of thousands of others who are doing the same. In this way we will use the most powerful manifestation tool in history to not only awaken the destiny of Jerusalem, but your personal destiny as well.

Now I might have tried Oprah's trance but I'll be darned if I am going to waste an hour and do the “I AM THAT, I AM” Plus that chant reminds me too much of Popeye; and no he wasn't another hero of mine however he did entertain me (lol). I am sure some of you might remember that Popeye, in a gravelly cartoonish voice, would excuse his frequent foibles by responding with an "I am what I am."

So finally, we come to the very zaniest hero of mine that more than motivated me during my first years of college. At this time, please allow me to introduce you to Abby Hoffman and his wild group of Yippies. Abby was an anarchist extraordinaire and he is best known as one of the leaders of the "anti-war movement" of the late sixties. His specialty was organizing and leading demonstrations through out the country, with the most notable being the 1967 Peace Rally in Washington D.C, and the chaotic street gatherings of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

The antics of Abby and his group, demonstrated during the "67" Washington Peace Rally is that which I want to draw similarity with the two recent New Ager occurrences, I mentioned above. During the third week of October forty years ago 70,000 demonstrators came to D.C. to encourage the government to end the Viet Nam War. After a number of speeches in D.C. proper about 50,000 marchers set off for the "Pentagon" a couple miles away. Under Abby's directions the goal of this group was to encircle this enormous military complex. After the circle was formed they were going to sing and chant until they levitated the Pentagon thirty feet in the air and turned it orange, driving out the evil spirits, thus ending the war. Now, originally Abby had plans to raise it 300 feet, however while he was measuring the building some weeks earlier he was arrested. Seems, it is against the law to measure this most important and sensitive complex. After his arrest and his explanation of what he and his group wanted to do, the authorities informed him that he needed a permit for his proposed demonstration. With tongue in cheek the authorities also supposedly gave him the permit while informing him that he couldn't raise the building three hundred feet but thirty feet would be acceptable (lol). Abby and his astute cohorts realized there was more than a slight possibility of resistance from the police during their activities. For this, they were well prepared as Abby and couple of his close buddies had cooked up a drug they named "lace." This potion when squirted on the policemen, would cause them to take their clothes off and make love. This was a very potent drug ;-)

Yes, Abby and his Yippies could best be described as "well meaning anarchists." Heck to prove the point of Abby's chaos raising nature, he wrote a book recounting his oft illegal antics. Back in the day, it was in almost every bookstore and the book title; what else, but "STEAL THIS BOOK" (ROFL). I'll tell ya, Abby had the spirit of an anarchist, if anyone ever had. And today these "New Age/New Tolerance Christians" have that very same spirit in them and there trances and chants are born of it. Abbie and his merry pranksters knew their antics were entertaining, imaginative and of the world of pretend. In contrast and sadly, these New Agers are dead serious with their similar antics and they ain't pretending. They have replaced the Christ whom we know as Jesus, the Son of God with their christ which be the "carnal soul", the seat of self.

The unregenerate soul as we well know is full of anarchy. It is a harlot enjoined to every foul spirit imaginable and her love is as pretentious and false as anything around. Most of the deceived New Agers, of the religious sort, think of themselves as God. Thus many use "I AM" in reference to themselves, when speaking and writing. This "I AM" is more than a title but also the symbol of their dark selfish counterfeit essence contrasting the indwelling Light of the One True God. Bizarre? ...... oh my yes, and even worse than that. This ain't the fun and games anarchy I knew as a kid and a young man. It's all grown up ,"dead" serious and it is coming to a neighborhood near you.

God bless and I pray you walk in Christ, while giving this wayward New Age anarchist spirit no quarter,


PS. Will I post this message on one of those Christian New Age forums? Would that be anarchy or Spirit led? I don't know at this point but I am going to pray about it. I am however going to send it to my two children as an advance notice of what is coming. And I might add, for your information, that my children grew up being much more like their mother than their dad. Whew! Thank God!

*note: Sadly Abbie Hoffman was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 1980 and in 1989 he took his own life. Thank God I met Jesus and avoided being such a casualty. There were many.



Wow, have I been busy and I know Joian has been the same, working, praying and occasionally making a forum post. I like to chide her after she posts a rare forum message, by calling her "God's princess warrior" (lol). Her messages are always wonderful and well placed. And it is sure good to have a friend show up to lend support in some of these places which can be pretty hostile to the Truth. Often times I go it alone for long periods and then God will send another and then sometimes there might be a gathering of three or four of us sharing Jesus. However it goes it is all good as Jesus is being praised and given preeminence where ever we write.

Lately we have been taken back and even heart broken as so many are leaving the saving presence of the one true God for the strange fires of the "New Age" and "New Tolerance" movement. This New Age thinking has become epidemic in the ranks of those espousing Universal Salvation and I hear reports that it is even beginning to pervade the Eternal Torment fundamentalist churches. Is this the great falling away before the coming age? I might think so but I also take comfort that all is in the control of our sovereign God. There also need be heresy to test the hearts of those that are His and also to serve as a dark backdrop for the Light of His Truth.

The one thing I know of these wayward souls is that they are looking for a way around the Cross. I am not afraid to tell them so and although I love these guys I speak to the spirits that drive them and I have had God tell me a number of time to give them no quarter. You see they mix Truth with all kinds of weirdness which includes eastern religious thought, reincarnation, trances chanting, breathing exercises and use of crystals amongst others. These foul spirits desire to gain credence by any way possible, always looking for another compromising soul to entice and capture.

That said I thought for a few days to share some more posts from a heavily New Age leaning forum made up of believers mixing a poisonous elixir of Kingdom Truth with New Age thought ......... always a mixture of Truth plus falsity. Often, as I write these posts God reveals something new to me and I believe there are some real nuggets of His Ways and Being in these messages.

This first message is a reply to fairly well known teacher of this Christian/New Age mixture. For once this man upon being challenged shared the Christian side of his mixed message and with hope for his lost soul I replied.

_ _ _ _, I appreciated your message and I know well the way of religion. It is religion that killed Jesus and it nearly killed me as I practiced it for a hard dozen years. With humility and well knowing the Source allow me say that today as I walk by the Spirit I have few opportunities to share the Gospel with the unregenerate of my city. However I do love and I believe if you were to ask those that know me in Jackson Hole they would say I am more than anything a kind and sympathetic lover. That said, I have also shared much the same as far as the "seed of Christ in every man." My old friend George Hawtin shared with me this truth decades ago and then Preston Eby wrote what I think is the benchmark message concerning this truth. It is titled "The Seed in Every Man." I have shared this paper with many over the last five years and here is the link if any be interested.


As far as the topic of the crucified life that you ended your message on. You seem to infer that we can't crucify our flesh and I would agree. However there are those that are His in this age and they find that God can do a pretty good job of it. The crucified life is for those that have been called to suffer and share in Christ offerings and sacrifices. This I believe is the mark of separation as most have not been given a heart to suffer and thus look for other avenues around the Cross. This suffering as a son is a Divine calling very few will receive and I often think of that which James shared in Acts 15 about God's purpose in this age which is the "taking out a people for His name." These people that bear the markings of His cross and His name are a remnant within a remnant and there is nothing elitist about finding one's call to this group as it has nothing to do with one's worth but only His calling. I often think of the "last will be first" verse in relationship to this remnant of sons whom all creation groans for (Rom 8). These are the servant king/priests after the order of Melchizedek spoken of in Hebrews. A priest is one that grabs hold of God with one hand and with the other hand holds humanity. With this he brings both together. These servant priests can be typed in the Old Testament as standing with the Ark of God's presence as the others pass by them and through the parted waters to God's promise. This picture I believe does give new meaning to the "last will be first" and the "greatest the least." These priests of today have a heart condition like Paul as demonstrated when he said, "if possible he would be willing to be accursed that his brothers could experience Christ's salvation." I used to look at that scripture and say, "Whoa!", but today after much of God's workings on my stony heart I believe I am slowly coming to that same heart condition.

While many back up from the cross and from being partakers of Christ sufferings, I know it is for lack of the "Father's hedging them in, where there is no place else to go." This painful "hedging in with no escape" comes only to God's sons. With most, God has left a way around the cross and we see this as many of late relish in a false and temporal liberty. This New Age idea of discovery of every liberating avenue outside of Jesus is afar from the sharing of the sacrificial Life of Our Lord and Christ Jesus. Channeling, breathing exercises, trances, vibrations and chants of "I Am that I AM" is not going to do a damn thing to redeem and free mankind. Oh, these things will makes one feel "good" and give a false sense of "worthiness" however this life is not about gathering all the feel "good" experiences you can. There is only One that is Good and Worthy and only in Him do we find the same. The peaceful good feeling and the worthiness found by abiding in Christ is of a supernal nature and differs from anything this world and self can give. This life is about being enjoined unto Christ Jesus and dieing to this temporal vaporous world and our self. When we experience this death we then see and enjoy that which we have died to on a whole new level that cannot be rivaled nor can it really be explained. This new level of experience is the very substance our resurrection is made of. It is the meeting of Heaven and Earth and it is all found in Jesus.

Any way _ _ _ _, that's what is on my heart this morning after reading your response. Now if you would, please allow me to share some scriptures and comments that support the idea of the Father's sons sharing in Christ's continual sacrificial offering for all mankind. And oh my, I would be remiss if I didn't say, "how my heart swells when I run across a rare cross marked servant son that knows something of the intimacy of sharing Christ's sufferings and sacrificial work."

The sacrifices and offerings of Christ continue today and are being manifest within the lives of the Father's sons.

*We are God's sacrifices and offerings for the church and a dieing world. We present our bodies, a sacrifice:

Rom 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

*One gives sacrifice by dieing. We die daily:

1 Corinthians 15:31 I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.

*The only way to have Christ' Spirit living within us is to be crucified with Christ. We are crucified with Christ:

Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

*We suffer for the church. We fill up the afflictions of Christ:

Colossians 1:24 Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body's sake, which is the church:

*We are God's continuing offering and even the sin offering. We are as He is:

1 John 4:17 Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.

O, Lord, help us to see ....... help us to know your ways ......... and more so increase in us your loving sacrificial heart.


Oprah has become the great promoter for some the New Tolerance/New Age self help gurus such as Tolle, Dyer and Rhonda Byrne. Some one the forum shared a scathing expose on Oprah and I felt led to share this short message in response. It is not an endorsement but a picture of Oprah coming to the end of herself.

Ah, and one day the Cross of Christ will fall upon that wealthy, vain and self aggrandizing woman. She will weep as she has never wept before. She will weep for all those, that she has led down so many Primrose paths. And when she is completely sick to her heart because of her misguided deeds the nail printed hand of One, Who had not even a place to lay His head, will lift her tear stained face. He will look into the windows of her heart and tenderly whisper, "you could not have done anything different my love for you were created vain and full of futility. Because of your vanity and your futile condition I died that you might have my very All, my Life." With those healing words from her new found precious Saviour she will bow and confess that Jesus is her Lord.

Isn't that how it works ......... it did for me.

He kills in order to make alive and I am so grateful for it,


PS. Lord willing I'll wade through a pile of my latest forum message tomorrow and publish a few that I think will bless you. Please pray for Joian, myself and our friends Florian and Card as we share our precious Jesus on these forums. Hundreds upon hundred come to view and I know some find encouragement in our message, knowing there are still those that know Jesus is enough.

God's Name Is Jealous

The first time I read a post of Jack Hennessey's some four years ago, I was hooked. There were several on the Tentmaker forum that spoke to my heart but I would wake up the next morning still pondering the words from his posts.... Finally, I got the nerve to write something on one of the threads he was sharing on leaving a small comment. He greeted me and commented back. It was a nice feeling to actually write back to someone I had been admiring so long.

I had never been involved with such high levels of reasoning. Better than any bible school courses I ever took. I had been discussing doctrine since I was a teenager and had all the religious answers of a pentecostal. Most from the angle of my particular denomination.......I could argue baptist to kingdom of the cults.....but I never came across people who talked as these men and women did. I would tune in most nights after work and read posts until I fell asleep, sometimes with the laptop propped up on my knees. It had been years since I had been this hungry.

Jack would refer to other forums he was on and I would anonymously go check out those sites. From time to time he would give a personal testimony concerning who he was and where he came from...all that has been posted on this blog site and I've posted how Jack and I finally met face to face, now almost two years ago, and a mighty nice face it is. LOL

All that said, for the last two days Jack has been on a forum he frequents. The topic was New Age doctrine involving the teachings of Oprah and Eckhard Tolle and of another teacher I used to support by the name of Gary Sigler. The things Jack shared were so powerful I wanted to share them with you...........I have copied two days posts. I pray you read them to the end as the Lord was powerfully warning against this error through Jack.
.........I am convinced that the Lord sends people to read what Jack shares. We may never know all who are touched but our blog counter shows over 500 hits a month from every state in the USA and all over the world. We lost count of the countries that have visited our site. But many nights I have cried as Africa, India, Italy, Ireland, Germany and many other countries read what is written there. The setting aright and pointing to Jesus is going out from here and we are humbled.

Below is an example of what Jack has been doing day in and day out for almost six years .........he is tenacious and wiley. He dances around these forums like a boxer I used to admire by the name of Cassius Clay. Cassius's most famous saying was, "I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee". That's exactly how I view the way our Lord expresses himself through Jack, which is why I think Jack was born Irish....lol The Irish are predisposed to the fight...something that's just one girls opinion......lol

I've highlighted Jack's posts below in red.

Love you,


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Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:06 pm Post subject: GOD'S NAME IS JEALOUS


I watched a video of Oprah today where she told her audience that she first began her search for God outside the Gospel of Jesus Christ when her pastor taught that God is a jealous God. She said the idea of a "jealous God" bothered her. I tell ya, that jealous God bothered me too. It bothered my rebellious dark soul until I suffered God's wrath and finally said, "Lord"

"For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. Heb 12:6

That said, I gathered some thoughts and material on the concepts of "jealousy and God" that I felt led to share with you. I know for some these words will bless and for others they will burn. So be it, as the Lord would have it.

For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God: Exd 34:14

The root idea in the Old Testament word jealous is to become intensely red. It seems to refer to the changing color of the face or the rising heat of the emotions which are associated with intense zeal or fervor over something dear to us. In fact, both the Old and New Testament words for jealousy are also translated zeal. Being jealous and being zealous are essentially the same thing in the Bible. God is zealous and eager about protecting what is precious to Him.

The Apostle Paul also shared God’s jealousy for other Christians and he often went where he was not necessarily appreciated or even wanted. When his converts at Corinth began to fall for the subtle perversion of the gospel being propagated by Satan’s servants who had infiltrated the church, Paul said, "For I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy; for I betrothed you to one husband, that to Christ I might present you as a pure virgin." 2Cor 11:2

Much to the chagrin of others there are some of us, like Paul, that carry that same zeal for "Jesus and His bride" within us.

Paul during his last visit with the Ephesian elders proclaimed, "But I do not consider my life of any account as dear to myself, in order that I may finish my course, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify solemnly of the gospel of the grace of God." Acts 20:24. The focus of his life was communicating the truth of God’s grace through Jesus. He let nothing interfere with that overriding purpose. Whatever else he had to do was always secondary to and supportive of accomplishing that goal, and he maintained it even to death. That is what it means to be jealous for God.

Beside my reflections on Paul's zeal this morning I read another wonderful testimony of heroic zeal towards God. I speak of the legendary "forty good soldiers of Sebaste." As I read this old story (below) my eyes were filled with tears as I thought of these forty beautiful souls demonstrating their jealousy and love of Christ. This is the account of the "forty martyrs of Sebaste" as quoted from Richard Strauss;

"Forty great soldiers from Cappadocia in Rome’s vaunted twelfth legion shared Paul’s jealousy for God some two hundred fifty years after his death. Licinius was reigning over the eastern portion of the empire but was sensing an increasing military threat from the west. He became more and more repressive in his policies, particularly toward Christians. To solidify his strength, he called on his armies to demonstrate their support by offering a sacrifice to the pagan gods.

Most of the legion stationed at Sebaste, a city south of the Black Sea, dutifully complied, but the forty Cappadocians, all Christians, respectfully declined. For more than a week they were placed under guard, where they sang and prayed together continually. Their captain pleaded with them: "Of all the soldiers who serve the emperor, none are more loved by us and more needed right now. Do not turn our love into hatred. It lies in you whether to be loved or hated. If it rests with us, they replied, we have made our choice. We shall devote our love to our God.

It was sundown when they were stripped and escorted shivering to the middle of a frozen lake with guards stationed along the shore. A heated Roman bathhouse stood ready at the shore for any of them who were prepared to renounce their faith in Christ and offer a pagan sacrifice. Their jailer stood by with arms folded, watching, as a bitter winter wind whipped across the ice. But through the whistling wind the soldiers could be heard singing:

Forty good soldiers for Christ!
We shall not depart from You as long as You give us life.
We shall call upon Your Name whom all creation praises:
Fire and hail, snow and wind and storm.
On You we have hoped and we were not ashamed!

As midnight approached, their song grew more feeble. Then a strange thing happened. One of the forty staggered toward shore, fell to his knees and began crawling toward the bathhouse. Thirty-nine good soldiers for Christ! came the weakening, trembling song from the distance. The jailer watched the man enter the bathhouse and emerge quickly, apparently overcome by the heat, then collapse on the ground and expire. The other guards could not believe what they saw next. The jailer wrenched off his armor and coat, dashed to the edge of the lake, lifted his right hand and cried, Forty good soldiers for Christ! then disappeared over the ice into the darkness.

All forty were dead by the next day, but it was the jailer who caught the captain’s notice as their bodies were being carted away. What is he doing there? he demanded. One of the guards replied, We cannot understand it, Captain. Ever since those Christians came under his care, we noticed something different about him. The martyrs of Sebaste were jealous for the name of their God, and it had a profound impact on that jailer who looked on." (end quote)

I believe our jealousy for Jesus Christ in this dark day of apostasy will have a similar effect on some others. Of course this makes me think of our precious children who are being bombarded with a never ending onslaught of strange doctrines and philosophies that sidestep Jesus and His Cross.

May God bless and encourage you, who like Paul and the forty dear souls of Sebaste are jealous for Jesus.


(some material along with the account
of the martyrs of Sebaste was taken
from an article by Richard L. Strauss)



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Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:14 pm Post subject: Re: GOD'S NAME IS JEALOUS


hey jack, speaking of oprah, there's a new book discussion in the "book discussion" thread. "New Earth"? ever heard of it? i've never heard of it. new to me. anyway, in googling around for info(cuz apparently the discussion is for ppl who can afford the book...we don't have a functioning library) it's one of the books in oprah's book club.

god is jealous? i like it. means he's pretty crazy about us.



Fire, I haven't read "New Earth" as I am one, maybe like yourself, that can't afford to buy books. God also forbade me to buy any religious material long ago. Then he gave me a number of authors that write and publish God's Truth for free.

These well known new age self help gurus are making moola hand over fist selling their mixed elixirs. I often tell people to follow the money and there you will find the corruption.

"The Great Shepherd Himself has given us this warning: "There must needs be heresy among you to prove the true seed. Whatever is in your heart will be made manifest. If you desire to use your liberty to walk in the flesh, there will be a message to accommodate you. If you have not allowed Me to work a true brokenness in your life, then the deep root of pride will rise up and reach for the throne while rejecting My process to bring you there, resulting in deception.

"Denounce the hidden works of darkness wherever they appear, else the young men and the maidens will not know the peace and the security that lies in the Truth. Many things are done in the world for the sake of unity. Compromise is the watchword of the hour, yet I would require that there be no compromise of My sacrifice and the uniqueness of it, for apart from it there is no salvation nay, not for any man, in any age."

"I am jealous for My godhood among the company of My sons."

"And ye my flock, the flock of my pasture,
are men and I am your God
saith the Lord God." Ezek. 34:31"

(from "My Scattered Sheep"
by Elaine Cooke, and yes
she writes for free and has
so for over thirty years)

Amen to this Fire;"God is jealous? I like it. Means he's pretty crazy about us."




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Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 4:15 pm
Post subject: guru giving his stuff away, run its a terrible site! lol


hate to disappoint you but you can watch for free the Tolle episodes online and the transcripts are available for free as well on Oprah's site. They go over the book a chapter an episode.




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Well Golly Gee Kept, maybe I can pop some popcorn, gather all the kids in front of the TV and and we can learn another way around the Cross.

No I'm not disappointed as I heard that very same defensive spiel a couple weeks ago although I didn't hear which book was being promoted. I actually had a few marketing classes in college and understand a little of how this all works. Money will be made in the end.

"One must be poor to know the luxury of giving."
George Eliot (1819 - 1880)

It"s still all about Jesus and His Cross with me Kept. He is still enough and I don't need Eckhart's breathing exercise or body consciousness to replace my rest in Him.

"The key is to be in a state of permanent connectedness with your inner body - to feel it at all times. This will rapidly deepen and transform your life. The more consciousness you direct into the inner body, the higher its vibrational frequency becomes" Eckhart Tolle



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'golly gee?' a new language for ya Jack, much more tame, that's nice.




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Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:32 pm Post subject:


Actually Kept, "Jeepers !" is my very favorite now.




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jack, i was going to respond to your post, but a friend forwarded this wonderful article by gary sigler and i thought rather than re-invent the wheel, i'd just post it here for your examination. as i read it i thought of john's words, "the law came by moses, but grace and truth by Jesus Christ".

What About Oprah?
By Gary Sigler

I have been getting a lot of negative email lately about Oprah and her sponsoring a teaching class on Eckhart Tolle’s book on “A New Earth.”

While in Oregon last week I was shown a video where a prophet was speaking against Oprah, Wayne Dyer and others saying they were leading people into great darkness.

This kind of talk by Christians is what turns the world against Christianity. Our country has not rejected Christ; they have rejected the Christian version of God. The Christian religion talks a lot about Jesus but they do not understand much about him. Jesus was a man who was all inclusive. He rejected no one and the only ones he had a sharp word for were the religious folks of his day. The Christian religion pushes Jesus on people but they themselves for the most part do not do what he says, or even understand much about his purpose in coming to earth.

The average Christian says, “You must receive Jesus or you will be lost.” I received Jesus many years ago and had a wonderful experience of God so I am not knocking that at all. However to say you ‘must receive him to be saved is ignorance in the highest form. When Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life” he was not taking about himself as the man of Galilee. He was talking about the way he lived and the communion he had with his Father. I AM is the name of God and until we all live our life from the I am presence within us we will never truly know God, or ourselves. Jesus was the pattern son and as such we should be living as he lived in total dependence on the Father within us not depending on anything outside of us. Jesus outside of you cannot do much for you. However the resurrected Spirit of Christ within you will completely change your life. We must STOP pushing Jesus on folks and just live the life of peace and love before them. We can win people to the Father by them seeing the fruit of the spirit flowing from our lives.

I do not want anyone to misunderstand me. I truly love Jesus and respect him as the head of the body and I know that someday everyone will bow the knee before him in humble admiration. He was the one who showed us the way to eternal life by demonstrating the life of God flowing from him. Each of us should be doing the same. Not preaching a doctrine or a certain way, but allowing God to flow from us in love and acceptance for all. People should know you by your fruit not by your doctrine. You also should be able to say “I am the way” because you live your life from the spirit not from the ego or carnal mind.

Religion for years has tried to mend the gap between man and God and has failed miserably. I have been saying for years “It is not what you know intellectually that saves you; it is making contact with the Spirit within that will lead you into all truth. All of us have the intuitive knowledge within to be transformed into the likeness of God if we would only drop our religious concepts and follow that inner guidance. God is NOT AGAINST anyone. Jesus said from the cross, “Father forgive them they do not know what they do.” One who truly has the Holy Spirit leading their lives will have the same attitude. We need to love those who see and teach things differently than we do.

Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and others are on the leading edge of what the Lord is bringing forth for his people in these days. You will learn and experience more of God listening to these folks than you will spending years in most churches. What is being taught is that we are all one, God is the father of us all and we need to love and forgive each other, look over our differences and religious preferences and know that if we are seeking God we will find him. He will speak to you in your own culture or religion no matter what that is. There is a longing within to know God and to find the answers to life.

Jesus said, “When He the Spirit of life is come He will lead you into all truth. When you begin to awaken to the spirit within, the spirit of truth within us is the only way we can really know the truth. How he leads anyone is not our business. We love and accept all and let God do the changing that needs to be done. Jesus said, “I am the door.” He did NOT mean what most Christians think he meant. I AM is the door. A door is an entrance into another place. Most Christians worship what they think is the door but do not enter the door. Entering the door is not just receiving Jesus; it is entering into your own spirit, your own I am presence and living from that realm. Living in that realm you see everyone as God sees them. They are spiritual beings on a journey to experience life in the physical realm. Living from the heavenlies you realize that “as a man thinks in His heart so is He.” “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

We are not here to find the right religion or the right Church. We are here to live an abundant life as we discover that life within us is flowing and that the source of our being is spirit and all that we need flows to us from the spirit realm. Jesus taught that to love God and to love one another was the fulfilling of all the law.

Christians fight the Muslims for their radical belief. Yet some Christians for the most part bite and devour all who disagree with their concept of religious beliefs. This attitude must stop before a real unity can come to those who love God in all cultures and religions. Our unity is in loving God and loving one another, not in fighting over who is right and wrong. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is what started all the problems to begin with. As long as you are living by the knowledge of good and evil you will never experience the deep love of God for all of humanity.

In writing this I have nothing against anyone. I love as He loves, but my heart so grieves over the Christian attitude that says, only their way is the right way. Jesus said “If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto myself.” That is his job not ours. If you are truly seeking truth He will lead and guide you from all falsity into His divine nature and love for all of humanity.

May you be richly blessed and abundantly satisfied in His presence


Annie I am very familiar with that article and unlike some others, I didn't wet myself when I read it. I have shared much in the last few weeks on another forum and also on Gary's blog concerning this strange validation. It is all part of the new age onslaught to widen the path so one steps on the the blood of Christ as he or she moves around the cross.

Count me as one that would hope to be worthy of standing with the forty good soldiers of Sebaste. I would not be surprised if soon there isn't that kind of cost to pay when one makes Jesus the only door to God. And God help our children as times are going to get real tough in this world real soon and some new age illusory consciousness just ain't going to make it all go away. Or should we forget that last part as it might raise fear and cause one to seek the real Saviour.

and Firefly, thanks for the offer and should the Spirit lead I might find my way over there. Before my stop at this forum God had me sharing "UR" for three months at an obscure forum based in Atlanta. It was made up of of black fundamentalist and wow what an experience that was. Praise Juanita Bynum! (lol). Now this place certainly has some very evident new age leanings which were apparent to me from the get go. Eventually God seems to pull those faithful to the "One True God called Jealous" out of such places as this after the Truth is shared.

God bless,


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At the top of the steps stood two priests with trumpets in their hands. At the time of the cock-crowing, they sounded three blasts upon their trumpets, and descended five steps. On the tenth step, they blew yet another threefold blast, and continued downward. Finally, as they entered the court itself, they sounded another three-fold blast, which was sustained, while they advanced across the court toward the gate which opens from the way of the east ("the Gate Beautiful"). Once they reached the Eastern Gate, they turned around to face the Holy Place (which was west of them), and said, "Our fathers, who were in this place, they turned their back upon the Sanctuary of Jehovah, and their faces toward the east, and they worshiped toward the rising sun; but as for us, our eyes are toward the Lord." No doubt, this was in reference to the 8th chapter of Ezekiel, where the Lord took the prophet into the sanctuary by way of vision. As he journeyed inward, he beheld greater and greater abominations taking place, until finally, he came to the inner court. It was there that he witnessed twenty-five men between the porch and the altar, with their backs to the temple, and their faces toward the east. By this, the Lord told Ezekiel, the house of Israel had provoked Him to anger. They had put the branch to the nose (an oriental sign of disrespect)!

Now, again, I won’t try to go into all the symbolism involved here, but a few things do require comment. First of all, it's my conviction that "the Joy of the Pouring Out of Water" accurately describes where we currently are in a prophetic sense. We've come to a unique time of illumination as we enter into the Great Feast. The light of truth is spilling over every wall, and into every court in the city! The Lord is opening the eyes of our understanding into matters we have not seen before, in order to bring us unto full maturity. And, considering the fact that all of this being acted out in "the court of the women," strongly suggests that it has to with the renewing of our minds, or the salvation of our souls, at that! What a wonderful thing we're experiencing!
Before we progress too far into Tabernacles, however, there is one matter that must be settled. And that has to do with the direction some have been heading.

That the two priests (the number of witness) blew nine blasts upon their trumpets (and trumpets always signify the declaration of a message) witnesses to the fact that we can expect a concluding message to come at the close of the inaugural day. The number nine, figuratively speaking, suggests finality or judgment; hence, we have a word of judgment that shall finalize the phase through which we’ve come. In light of what we’ve considered above, therefore, what would you say is the message that must needs be proclaimed at this time? Turn your hearts and minds toward the Lord, and turn them away from the East! Turn your backs upon every teaching that's associated with it, and realize that it has nothing to offer but dishonor to your heavenly Father! In fact, it’s the ultimate form of disrespect! It’s like thumbing your nose at God!

Beloved, it's absolutely impossible for us to enter into the fullness of the Spirit while looking toward the East. That is to say, as long as we are looking into Eastern philosophies and religions for our answers, or even trying to incorporate slight aspects of them into the message of the Kingdom, there can be no apprehending that for which also we have been apprehended of Christ Jesus! I hope you can hear what the Lord is saying!

As it was in Ezekiel’s day, we believe that the Lord is placing a mark upon those who sigh and cry for the abominations committed in the house of God (for it's precisely because of these abominations that the glory has lifted). This mark will also serve as a seal in our foreheads, signifying that we have received, and are walking in the mind of Christ. Allow us to say that those who stand with the Lamb on Mt. Zion will not be double-minded, having a mixure of Eastern concepts and ideas in their thinking. They will have a pure word, undefiled by men. And they will be uniquely equipped to execute the plan of God during the Day of the Lord!

We thank God that we're beginning to hear a very clear and certain sound of the trumpet made by priests who are able to make the distinction between the holy and the profane for the people. And we pray that this little story might likewise serve as a trumpet sound to our brethren, who've been tempted to look toward the East for their understanding. Tabernacles is a time of repentance, of afflicting our souls before the Lord. It's a time of turning from that which has caused the glory to depart from Israel, and a time of returning to the altar. It's there that we behold the Sacrifice, and there that we behold the Savior.

It's been said that there is a fine line between truth and error. We believe that the line becomes even finer, the deeper we go in God. But we would encourage each and every one of you to search out the difference, and settle it in your heart. Draw a certain line of demarcation between the two, so that no one mistakes where you are coming from, and no one can possibly be misled thereby. Only then can we proceed in Spirit, and get on with the business of God! Whoso hath ears, let him hear! Selah!

Not all Kingdom writers have bowed to Baal and Terry and Tykie Crisp are probably the foremost of the the enlightened authors identifying and explaining this New Age counterfeit to Truth. Here is their site and the intro to their incredible ""Zarah & Pharez" series.


"Zarah & Pharez" Series
Our current series, which draws distinctions between the birth of"Zarah" (Sun Rising), and that of "Pharez", the breached child (Types of sonship and the New Age Movement, respectively). If you've been confused about how to differentiate between these two, you'll want to read this series in its entirety.

of course Eby hits it out of the park with this one.




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Good word that brings a definate sound to those who want to hear.




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Yes John and someone sent me the clear true sound of one of your messages over at Tentmaker that I saved. You have been echoing much of what I have been sharing here.

Mat 11:27 All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.
Mat 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Mat 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
Mat 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Treating "love" like it is a person is a mistake and New Age gone to seed. Yes, God is love. But God is also power, does that mean that anyone who seeks power is seeking God. God is also truth, but are all seekers of truth seeking God.

Make no mistake and I know this will mean absolutely nothing to those who no longer see the Bible as the truth, but no one knows God except the Son and those whom He reveals Him to. You cannot know God except by going through the door who is Jesus Christ.

Yes, everyone will one day be saved. But, they will be saved by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ and bowing their knees and confessing Him as Lord.

A person who does not know Jesus personally does not know God. Yes, they can love their child and show love to others. This does not mean that they know God.

You can call it exclusivity if you like, but the Bible calls it the narrow way that leads to eternal life.

John Kratos

Here is one I wrote and I believe I might have shared it on Gary Sigler's blog some weeks ago.

As the "New Agers" struggle at the foot of the mountain with their vain mixings of truth with every kind of foul and false doctrine, on the top of the mountain there are those that live in simplicity beholding only Jesus, their Elder Brother and Crowned King; into whose image and likeness they are being born.

Jhn 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

"But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them, bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping." (2 Peter 2:1- 3)

God bless those that tread the narrow way with Jesus and also encourage others to find their way back to the way of the Cross,




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it's easy to take verses about "false prophets" and apply them to anyone who doesn't share your own personal view. if we quiet the emotions and intellect of the egoic self we can then hear from the still small Voice... not a criticism brother, but an invitation.

when Jesus said "I am the Way" do you suppose he was talking about his earthly tent that walked terra firma for 33 years, died, was buried and rose again? or do you suppose he was speaking of his inner being, the same I AM that he spoke of when he said, "before abraham was I AM"? "the first adam was no more than a living soul... but the second adam became a Life-giving Spirit". selah.

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"The key is to be in a state of permanent connectedness with your inner body - to feel it at all times. This will rapidly deepen and transform your life. The more consciousness you direct into the inner body, the higher its vibrational frequency becomes" Eckhart Tolle

Yep I should trade in my Bible for Tolle's book and learn to breath and vibrate. This guy has a sweet demeanor but his sweet tasting poison is as deadly as the bite of an adder.

Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright. At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder. Pro 23:31,32

Annie, you don't realize I went down this same path you are on, beginning with the summer of love in the late sixties. Back then we had some damn fine dope to help us vibrate, alter our consciousness and produce illusions. The only difference now, is you have traded the dope for demons and the likes of Timothy Leary and Owsley for Ekhart Tolle and Dyer. Your occult based philosophies are built upon self-centeredness, selfishness, self-justification and self-glorification and do nothing to exalt Our Father.

Annie, I know how hard you and others have been trying to replace sacrifice with mercy not understanding Christ's sacrifice is that which extends mercy. How can you not see that the ethic of Jesus is the ethic of sacrifice. That's the way this new age mixture is ........ it is filled with confusion and complexity where the dots are never connected. It's religious activity with a new flavor each month. It's like a vibrating pulsating religious hamster wheel that elevates the religious endorphins and it is damn near impossible to get off that spinnin motha.

No thanks to your invitation Annie. I have been there, done that and then I found Jesus who has been more than enough. From the moment I met Him I never looked for another.

Isaiah had it right and his words quoted by John speaks well to each generation as there is nothing new under the sun. Even these occultic philosophies you entice others with Annie are the out workings of the same, ages old demonic spirits.

He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them. Jn 12:40

and when you start bending spoons Annie, please don't invite me ......... seen that one too,




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Jack wrote:
Annie, I know how hard you and others have been trying to replace sacrifice with mercy not understanding Christ's sacrifice is that which extends mercy. How can you not see that the ethic of Jesus is the ethic of sacrifice.

i think that most here understand that there was definitely sacrifice and mercy involved.

please don't dismiss everything someone says, or put words or concepts into others' posts, simply because you disagree with that person on a few points. the fact that you disagree does not mean that that person makes a pastime of cavorting with the evil that you so readily invoke.

having said that, and, since i think you may decide that i'm defending something *other* than the specific point i stated above, i'd like to make it clear that i've not read the book in question, and it's quite possible that i won't.

simply said: the fact that i *don't* cling to every teaching in the new orthodoxy does *not* mean that i find *every* unfamiliar concept fascinating. it's also not for me to decide whether someone else explores those concepts. i may offer opinions, and i trust the people here enough, so that i know that they will prayerfully consider them.

G-d's given us this journey so that we may learn about, get to know, and discover the tiniest portion of his great and terrible (in the old sense of the word, not the scary sense) character, and endeavour to model ourselves thereafter. oh, to be like Him, to see Him as He is. this should be our greatest aspiration.
'tis a rather colourless world without variety of opinion. celebrate yours: express it. celebrate others': listen.

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brother jack, so much of what you think you know just isn't so... your assumptions regarding me couldn't be further from the truth. i'm Christocentric, steeped in the scriptures from birth. i don't drink, smoke or chew or go with guys that do. LOL your accusations are without substance.

taking excerpts from tolle out of context in order to misrepresent his view is no different from what peter wrote regarding those who twisted paul's writings and other scriptures. g campbell morgan had a hilarious way of making this point. he would quote, "...and judas went out and hanged himself... go thou and do likewise". LOL. if you actually bothered to read "a new earth" with observance rather than objections (predetermined ones at that LOL), you would recognize that, rather than celebrating the self, he asks us, as Jesus did, to DENY self--to stop listening to the egoic self (what christianspeak would term "the carnal mind") and listen to the Presence, which he rightly acknowledges as our true identity. remember paul said that he was "all things to all people" that he might be the minister of reconciliation. Jesus said he had "sheep not of this fold". if we claim to have a corner on the God market the way the pharisees did, we will end up as they did: with the "prostitutes and tax collectors" (how fundy christians view folks like oprah and tolle) entering the kingdom while we remain outside wrangling over meaningless doctrinal issues. we who believe in UR, of all people, should not be offended as Christ gathers "outsiders" into the fold. it's only their language that is unfamiliar. pray for the interpretation brother selah. remember that it was not to christians, but to pagan athenians that paul said, "it is in him that we live and move and have our being" and "we are his offspring".




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Everyone want to experience the power of the resurrection, but no one wants to die. Everyone wants to put on Christ as long as they can retain themselves at the same time. Sorry folks. No resurrection without the cross and no infilling until there is an emptying out of self. God's world, His rules and I am thankful. Otherwise, the age to come will just be a repeat of the one we are already in with each man doing what seems right in their own eyes. No thanks, I have had enough of this chaos and confusion. I look for a Kingdom which has foundations whose builder and maker is God.

Knight of the Word Seeking a Kingdom whose Builder and Maker is God




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dear brother, as with jack, your assumptions are incorrect. tolle is "preaching" DYING to the egoic self. nowhere does he suggest that people try to "retain themselves". tolle rightly identifies our defensiveness, argumentativeness, the need to be "right", fear, anger, as being mechanisms by which the self (flesh) seeks to preserve itself. he is asking his readers to discard these ways of relating (to deny self). he asks them to awaken to the Spirit, the Presence, to listen to the still small voice and discover our true identity, safe in God. we are not our feelings or our thoughts - instead we are children of God and of his Spriit. we who have been in churchianity are accustomed to christianspeak. while tolle's verbage may be unfamiliar, his message is the same one Jesus and paul preached. the point of the cross was not that Jesus died to appease a petty pissed off god, but rather that he showed us the Way - he who seeks to save his life (egoic self) will lose is, but he who loses his life for My sake will find it. it is in losing our false self, that we find that our true identity "hid with God in Christ", that it is Christ, not "i" who lives (gal 2.20) and Christ IN us is the hope of glory.

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Sweetheart I am sixty years old and met Jesus thirty five years ago. Not long after my conversion I became quite familiar with the New Age spirits seducing and syphoning off some believers. I also know something about shadowboxing in room full of marshmallows and that is what you can do with sweet fluffy platitudes in responce to the New Agers occultic practices. I am sometimes led, instead by the same essence of Christ as he spoke to the religious vipers of His time. Jesus was at times intentionally confrontational, contrary to popular notions that he was always diplomatic and mild.

"Jesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?" -John 6:70

"But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men." -Matthew 16:23

"O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." -Matthew 12:34


PS. I love the New Agers but please note I address the foul and seducing spirits that drive them and speak through them. Renee, I believe I have addressed you with the appropriate tone. And lastly please don't pull the same old tired New Ager responce of " i'm saddened that you have been hurt in the past."
Believe me, that dog won't hunt.




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I just checked my concordance and their is no "egoistic self" mentioned by God in His Word. Instead, He talks of renouncing our carnal mind and replacing it with the mind of the spirit.

The reason what is being proposed is New Age is because it presupposes that you can have the mind of the spirit without being born again through faith in Jesus Christ and through confessing Him as your Lord.

No one knows God except the Son and those whom He reveals Him. If you do not have the Son than you do not have the Father either. Those who have not submitted to the Son as Lord do not yet know God neither can they know Him. I love all people enough to tell them this truth.

Now, if Oprah and Tole are saying that we get about our Father's business and help the Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Pagans, and others to repent from the wrong path they are on and make Jesus their Lord so they can be born again through the regeneration of the Holy Spirit so they can have the mind of the spirit and the still small voice that they now lack, we are indeed saying the same things.

Changing the words is always the first step to changing the truth. Why would he come up with a term like egoistic self unless he wanted to make the gospel more palatable to those who have not yet known God through knowing the Son?




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"brother jack, so much of what you think you know just isn't so... "

Come on Annie your vibrations, new language and strange fire are not going to move me to get on your religious hamster wheel with Tolle and Oprah.

Annie did you know back in the day, I flew with "Johnathan Livingston Seagull" while doing the "Primal Scream" with my "I'm Okay Your Okay encounter group" partners. That was yesterday's New Age fare ....... same spirit different dress.

As I said before, "been there, done that and then I met Jesus whom I found to be more than enough."


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kratos wrote:

I just checked my concordance and their is no "egoistic self" mentioned by God in His Word. Instead, He talks of renouncing our carnal mind and replacing it with the mind of the spirit.

The reason what is being proposed is New Age is because it presupposes that you can have the mind of the spirit without being born again through faith in Jesus Christ and through confessing Him as your Lord.

No one knows God except the Son and those whom He reveals Him. If you do not have the Son than you do not have the Father either. Those who have not submitted to the Son as Lord do not yet know God neither can they know Him. I love all people enough to tell them this truth.

Now, if Oprah and Tole are saying that we get about our Father's business and help the Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Pagans, and others to repent from the wrong path they are on and make Jesus their Lord so they can be born again through the regeneration of the Holy Spirit so they can have the mind of the spirit and the still small voice that they now lack, we are indeed saying the same things.

Changing the words is always the first step to changing the truth. Why would he come up with a term like egoistic self unless he wanted to make the gospel more palatable to those who have not yet known God through knowing the Son?



Last time I checked, Yeshua didn't speak English, He spoke Aramaic. So, if you're going talk about the exact phrases He used, you'd do well to give us His words in Aramaic. What you have is a translation of what someone remembers Yeshua saying- written down several decades after the fact, BTW. You do not have a transcription of His original words. If Yeshua were to speak to us (physically) today, He would not use the same metaphors (sheep, shepherds, Kingdoms) as He did when He came to us physically 2,000 years ago. Your attitude towards phrases like the egoic self is reminiscent of those who think G-d speaks in King James English.

Tolle delivers a similar message to Yeshua's, in modern language. If Yeshua were here with us (physically) today, He would not speak in ancient Aramaic or in idioms familiar to ancient Jews. He would speak to us in language much more like Tolle's.




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i think you brothers are missing the point... "egoic self" will not be found in the concordance - neither will french or swahilli. and to state "I (very big I) am ______ stating "credentials" of age or how long one has followed Jesus as if they give more authority to one's opinion is to promote the very carnal self that both Jesus and tolle tell us to deny. in ourselves, however learned, "righteous", whatever, we are no-thing. and, as people created in the likeness of the Divine Father, we all stand on equal footing. our value is in God alone, not in anything that we believe or achieve. you continue to make many assumptions and accusations regarding things you are ignorant of. unwise and could be divisive if the accused were inclined to react in like fashion. Jesus never said "by their 'correct theology' you shall know them", but rather the fruit. selah (stop and calmly consider).




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I tire of this, but I will post one last thing today. This is taken from a post I made on Gary's blog where we were invited to address the same Sigler message Annie posted earlier here. I try to write clearly, honestly and prayerfully by the Spirit.

Jack Hennessey says:
28. March 2008 at 20:39
Thirty five or so years ago I was introduced to an author and teacher, whom differed much from that which we see in the New Age self help gurus touted in this blog. For his teachings this Christian martyr, known as Watchman Nee, was rewarded with imprisonment and eventual death. Where as the New Age authors spoken of here have garnered monetary riches galore. I have long told people to follow the money and there in you will find the corruption.

These words below penned by Nee succinctly expose that which comes out of the unruly soul. The Adamic soul, my friends, is the birthing place of the New Age corruption we address today. May we learn to discern that which is of the soul from that which comes by the Spirit.

“The work of the devil nowadays is to stir up man’s soul and to release this latent power within it as a deception for spiritual power. The reason for my mentioning these things is to warn ourselves of the special relationship between man’s soul and Satan in the last days.

The Babylonians, the Arabs, the Buddhists, the Taoists, and the Hindus all try in their respective way to release the power which Adam has left to our soul. In any religion, using whatever means or ways of instruction, there stands a common principle behind all their apparent differences. This common principle is to aim at overcoming the outward flesh so as to deliver the soul power from all kinds of bondage for freer expression. Some lessons of instruction given in these religions are directed at destroying the obstruction of the body, some at uniting the body and the soul, while some are aimed at strengthening the soul through training and thus enabling it to overcome the body. Whatever the ways may be, the principle behind them all is the same. It is important to know this or else we will be deceived.”

“The Latent Power of the Soul” by Watchman Nee

(Nee died soon after his release from
prison. The accumulation of years of
untreated sickness and malnutrition
suffered in jail were just too much)

Good day and be sober as I hope you might contemplate and contrast Nee's message and St. Paul's warning with Tolle's life transforming instructions quoted below.

"The key is to be in a state of permanent connectedness with your inner body - to feel it at all times. This will rapidly deepen and transform your life. The more consciousness you direct into the inner body, the higher its vibrational frequency becomes" Eckhart Tolle

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." 2 Timothy 4:3-4